Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls
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Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls
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02-27-2013 12:12 AM
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Fluff: The nature of the shadowtrolls

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I've started reading the background book to learn more about the Troglodytes and especially the shadowtrolls. I've wondered about the ingame capabilities of the shadowtrolls.

It is mentioned that they wrap themselves in rags and rusty armor to interact with the other races. Since fighting usually is a brutal thing I wondered what capabilities shadowtrolls would have if they don't stick to this polite gesture. Does the clothing hamper them in any way? Would they be more frightfull? Somwhere I've read that they wear those helmets to conceal the horrible visage. Is the dark dust cloud in the picture on page 147 a shadowtroll without clothing?

The text also mentions their half substantial form. So I would assume since they do have a form if you beat the crap out of them and they fall down they are really dead. Purged from existence and don't have a special ability of reapearing somewhere?
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