Banebrood vs Nordgaard
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Banebrood vs Nordgaard
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01-12-2020 01:30 PM
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RE: Banebrood vs Nordgaard

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(12-22-2019 05:40 PM)j3w Wrote:  
(12-22-2019 03:24 PM)Alan Wrote:  they seemed to focus more on criticism rather than learning the game
That is interesting, I have friends that have played WFB more than half their time spent on wargames also. I need to convince them Wink
So I am curious what were their arguments or doubts against Godslayer rules.

One thought Lord of Decay was too powerful. The other got upset when I shared something about a Wave 2 unit I play tested. He felt it had a special rule that went too much against basic game rules.

(12-22-2019 03:24 PM)Alan Wrote:  any free time has been dedicated to building gaming area in my garage
I was renovating my newest acquisition which is an old house that needs attention with everything, but I have manage to handle most of the space at the moment so I am closer to organising a place to play (at least I have the living room ready with a big table for now Wink )

(12-22-2019 03:24 PM)Alan Wrote:  I find 200 pts will usually allow one more individual model or unit, than starter box, so a little more strategy.
Need to check for possibilities using my Army Builder (link in the footer), but honestly I was thinking about 2-3 games with low points and then starting 350 points because it seems that the system is balanced with a focus on that point level Smile

There is a lot to read on the cards so start with low points. I have each profile card in a plastic sleeve so I line through any rule that is not relevant for a particular game. 300-350 seems like a good number. I like units at close to maximum so they don't easily flee.
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