Why Nordgaard rock!

Hi Khazrak,

Thanks for the interesting review! You raised some interesting points and its really appreciate to get such feedback.
Would be great is other players can also write their impressions. Every comment is read and taken into consideration in our planning for Wave-2.

Regarding the Kinswords, they wre one of my favoriates I would not consider them inferior to Fjell Warriors, for one major reason - they are MOV3 unlike the ponderous Fjell Warriors. That provides a lot of strategic flexibility.

Regarding the Valkyrie, ARM7 and 9 Life-points is not imptressive, but remember she has DEF14 which is great, and she has a 2-inch melee range, so she can get in a few attacks without suffering counter-attacks. So against magical weapons she has pretty decent survivability. Against models with mundane weapons she is damn hard because of her Ethereal ability (half damage). To give her Ethereal we could not give her more DEF, ARM or LPs otherwise she would have been unbalanced, not to mention un-killable.
Of course part of the strategy in playing her should be to keep her away from models with magical attacks.

In play I think she shines when used in a warband with expensive units like Toughborns and especially with Einherjer. For example if she resurrects 2 Einherjerr (worth 48 points) during the game, she has more than paid for her own cost (of 35 points), even if she did nothing else.

Regarding the Brewer, he has no amazing buffs but they are both defensive and offensive and can be stacked with other rules. They key here is that his buffs are Talents, so unlike an ordered tactic, it can be stacked together with an ordered tactic, for example, the Brewer's Guarding Draft (+1 DEF) can be added to Shieldwall (+1 DEF & +1 ARM) and together with the Runegate Keeper's Bedrock tactic (+1 DEF), giving Fjell Warriors a total of +3 DEF and +1 ARM. When you then resurrect the fallen with the Valkyrie, you have an amazing wall of steel at a low cost.
Additionally, the Brewer can give models Resilient with Hardneck Mead (6+ protection roll when they are destroyed). That's a a pretty awesome talent and really frustrating for opponents. For example, try giving Einherjer (DEF12 ARM9) Hardneck Mead as well as the ordered tactic Fortify from the Runegate Keeper (+1 ARM). then you have a unit with ARM 10 and 8 LPs each, and 5+ protection roll. Then when a model does die you can resurrect it with the Valkyrie.
So you are right that the Brewer is not a super-hero buffer but his buffs can add effects similarly like spells, but unlike spells they do not require a casting roll, which is cool. And unlike most spell-casters, he can survive a couple of rounds in melee against regular troops.
Overall, perhaps he not so impressive as some other characters, but still well worth using in my mind, especially when used in warbands with large units, where his talents are leveraging many models. Using a talent on 10 Kinswords is twice as effective as using the same tactic on a unit of 5 Kinswords.

I agree that the Warsmith is more versitile than the Runegate Keeper and the Runegate Keeper is personally more devastating. The Keeper is the perfect warlord-killer and creature-slayer. We wanted to make them different so that they have more flavor. One is a melee-warlord and the other is an all-rounder. And the Scarjarl is a berzerk freak with a character all his own.
Each Warlord was also designed so that he works especially well with troops of his own subfaction.

I hope you will share more of your experiences with us in future!
Thanks again.

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