Slay Movement and Ambidextrous Fighter
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Slay Movement and Ambidextrous Fighter
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12-03-2012 03:19 PM
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Slay Movement and Ambidextrous Fighter

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Ok, so here is my first question. I am a little rule fanatic so there will be some more, I think.

The situation:
An individual model with 2 weapons charges a unit of 4+ models.
e.g.: a Duskborn Chieftain with Blacksteel Morning Stars charges a unit of 6 reaver runts.
The Chieftain uses his weapon option with 3 act tokens and the ambidextrous Fighter rule, so he gets two attacks in the same action.
And now I am unsure about what happens. My interpretation of the rules is this:
1. The Chieftain has to slay his charge target with his first attack to get his slay movement. His second attack of the same action is counted as a further attack.
2. The Chieftains second attack is resolved completly alone. So he is not bound to target his charge target again. And the reaver runts can counterattack against his second attack again, despite that the Chieftain's both attacks are resolved in one action.
3. The free attack of the slay movement is only one attack not two. Because you get the same attack for free and not the same attack action, right? So, no ambidextrous Fighter for slay movements.

I hope all points are clear, because my english is a little bit rusted...

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