300 Pts Halodynes Oppression
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300 Pts Halodynes Oppression
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02-22-2017 12:44 AM
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RE: 300 Pts Halodynes Oppression

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First list would be a nice counter, but weak to face other lists on a tournament.
would need to play this one out to see where we go. Cause an ursapine is not that difficult to kill if he comes to close, having priority in the turn after would be key to either kill the second one, or move the oracle out of harms way...

the second list looks much more intimidating tbh. Chimera can stand up to the ogres if supported. Tribesman can't be left alone and are still dangerous in small numbers. An there is still the Tyrant as well...
And the list has a lot wounds to take care of, really like that list!


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