mortan tactics
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mortan tactics
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11-17-2016 12:08 AM
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mortan tactics

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When I play mortans I use the legion sub faction and one war machine, Scorpio or the catapult. I always use a centurion, one unit of legionnaires, one unit of carnifixers and a mage. Thing is I'm always stuck in using a defensive tactic. Let te opposing player approach, shoot something,use the legionnares to pin the him down and finish the job with the warlord and the carnifixers. I like to play like this because it's quite succesfull, but for the opposing player It's somewhat boring. I like to try some other play style but have no idea what to do whit this warband. I can swap the war machine for two extra carnifixers and the mage for a princeptor. Does anybody has a suggestion on a general tactic I can try out?

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