Concept-art for Next faction
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Concept-art for Next faction
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02-25-2016 02:21 AM
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Concept-art for Next faction

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Kedzior has been working with me to help define some of the concepts for the Nimburians. Here are some of his great sketches.

Desert Locust - Human slave warrior

[Image: Locust%252520Warrior%252520%252528human%...252529.jpg]

[Image: LocustSlaveSpearman.jpg]

Desert Scorpion Archers

[Image: LocustArcher.jpg]

[Image: LocustArcher2.jpg]

[Image: LocustArcher3.jpg]

Castrati - Eunoch Slave Ogres

[Image: Slave%252520Ogre%2525202.jpg]

[Image: Slave%252520Ogre.jpg]

[Image: CastratiOgreLeader.jpg]

Mortherion - Half-Human Melophoroi Soldier

[Image: Melophoroi%252520half-humans.jpg]

Trueblood Immortal Aetherion

[Image: Immortals.jpg]

Umbagwe Jungle Warriors - Satrapy Subfaction

[Image: UmbagweClawBrothers.jpg]

[Image: UmbagweLeader.jpg]

And some Earlier concepts:

[Image: Nimburian%252520Noble.jpg]

[Image: NimburianCataphract.jpg]
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