300P trogglodites list.
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300P trogglodites list.
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10-26-2015 06:04 PM
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300P trogglodites list.

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Last week I tested a new list (299p) for Troglodytes I made.
It did the job so I wanted to share it with you all.

Any comments feel free ! Never bad to hear other ideas

Duskborn Chieftain
Chain Whips
Thick Hide
Iron Crown

Ironhide Brutes (full unit)
Longshadows (full unit)
Otherworld Stability

Tactic was to use the list was to keep the group together.
The Lighteater leading and the group using the Eclipse tactic to provide cover for the units.

In second fase of the battel the Lighteaters job is to go and get warmachines and lonesome characters that play hide and seek

The Lighteaters is followed by the Brutes that are the fist of this list.

Behind the brutes the warlord providing protection and scarring of enemies to come closer. also he gives extra act and tactics for the unit's.

The Longshadows benefiting from the extra movement, running around and mindblasting to weaken/kill the enemy troops and lonesome characters, mindblasting is their main job.

As always playing Troggs, I like to control the battle making use of the terrain, deciding when to enter close combat and when not.
I like it to delay close combat, just threatening with a charge or just keeping the enemy out of charge range for 1 or 2 rounds. just to keep coming in range mindblasting and running back out of charge range.

The lighteater is a good model to use for engaging a unit (not necessary hitting a model) and running away benefiting from the spectral strider. In this way the model/unit can not declare a charge. using the rule in the round. (rule om page 62:A model/unit can declare a charge against any enemy model in line of sight, as long as the charging model or any member of the charging unit is not already engaging or engaged bya model.)

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