Multi Channelling an Line of Sight
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Multi Channelling an Line of Sight
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04-02-2015 03:32 PM
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RE: Multi Channelling an Line of Sight

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1. If you read the text under the graphic on p.96 (german rulebook) it is clearly stated, that the first channeller (musician B) needs LEAD and LoS to channel the tactic from model A (initiator). So he can't channel through musician D because he hasn't LoS to him (which is also clearly stated) and thats why he channels through model C.
Conclusion: Between two channellers you always need LEAD and LoS (except the rules of a model would say something else).

2.As far as I understand the philosophy behind the GS-rules, it's forbidden to read something into the rules. There is nothing in the text that says that the initiator (or a previous channeller) needs LoS to all channellers. Further the initiator in the graphic (model A) has no LoS to model C (second channeller) because it is blocked by unit A (Demarchon and hoplites have the same size).
Conclusion: the initiator only needs LoS (and LEAD) to the first channeller, not to all of them.

hope that helps


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