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Mortans Ideas
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11-07-2014 09:52 PM
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Mortans Ideas

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Hello good folk!

Since in this forum room there isn't a post concerning ideas for future releases like in those of the other factions I'll keep stuffing the Mortan one Smile.

I think it would be nice to share ideas and wishes for future releases to help the developers of the game, even if only a little. I may just be a nuisance but I believe that a feedback from part of the gamers population wouldn't be a bad thing.

So here's what I came up with:

I- Chariots.
The other factions are all getting cavalry units, and chariots would be nice themed options for Mortans. The only problem is that I'm afraid they are being reserved for other new factions.

II- Spirits, ghosts or anything ethereal.
This is in order to give substance (no pun intended Smile) to the mysterious and occult feel of the Magistratum and add tactital options to balance the physical rotting half of the subfaction Wink.

III- Flying units.
Eagles would be nice, because they were a symbol of ancient Rome. However if being adherent to history is a problem, the solution might come from a cool airborne species of Calydorn, maybe something like the gargoyles which are a common decoration of Mortan buildings.
Regarding Technostratum why not even a small kind of ethership as a war machine...

IV- Gladiators.
The were an icon of the Imperial era and elite units of around three models would be very fun to play. I'm thinking about unorthodox tactics or special talents to differentiate them from militia and professional soldiers already present in the factions.

V- The Talos.
It would be nice to have the colossus of the Technostratum dwarfing those old relics of Cyclopses Tongue.

VI- Praetorian Excoriators.
Yet again this cool elite force mentioned in the background book would be great to see on the battlefield with its magical whips slicing dimensions.

VII- Ordo Annihilistum.
As mentioned in another post (and their future release was unofficially half-confirmed) the sorcerers meddling with chaos would be utterly awesome to behold.

Let us now what your dark wishes are concerning models, rules, items and anything else you might conceive Smile.

Have a nice weekend, curate ut valeatis!

Omnibus superstes Imperium est.
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