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Lord of Decay WIPs
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06-28-2014 02:42 AM
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Lord of Decay WIPs

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The rot of the grave envelops them; nature decomposes before them; and their touch brings the gift of decay for they are nature’s living avatars of death. Like all Tuathan, the Lords of Decay have dedicated their lives to a higher cause – resurrecting the goddess Dhannya whose wild anima courses through the roots and branches of nature. Tuathan philosophy encompasses the entire endless cycle of life, an integral part of which is the aspect of death and decay.

[Image: b5192a0855ee65d01e830af473f5a8f4_large.JPG?1403915510]

Those Death-Cultists of a truly sepulchral nature rise to become warrior-priests of Morrigu – the death aspect of Dhannya. In their own language they are the Bás Tiarna, known to outsiders as Lords of Decay.

These Tuathan know death for what it truly is – entropy of the forces holding together the five elements and keraunoi composing all matter and the resultant disintegration of the cosmic bond uniting body and soul. They perceive the essence of dying life-forms falling like silver rain into the pool of life which permeates and enervates all the worlds and moons of the Cosmos.

[Image: 4c94c3c2e3f0e05c83c593f6c1e348f9_large.JPG?1403915552]

Death cultists are most at home amongst the brooding peat bogs, dank compost heaps and melancholy charnel houses where they work to encourage death and decay in the old and infirm, whether it be plant, animal or man, for when the their time comes, the old must make way for the new, and their life-force rejoin the Great Mother in her endless dance.

[Image: 7736650b31d0ebb9b4eb40c4b1cf7c9b_large.JPG?1403915705]

These Tuathan who walk upon the Path of Decay are often covered with insects and bacteria which can decompose a living creature within minutes. Shrouded in funeral robes and armed with an enchanted scythe, the Lord of Decay strikes terror into the hearts of enemies and commands the forces of doom in righteous war for the One Goddess.

[Image: 847b97494775fdf2f18ae97acf22a896_large.JPG?1403915637]

Death Proofed - All death cultists in his vicinity are toughened to shrug off mortal wounds.
Horror – Only the mad do not quail and balk at the sight of goddess’s reaper.
Non-Living – His soul transcends the Material Plane, and lives within the gray border of Death.
Resilient –The Bás Tiarna can cross back and forth through death, and scoff at mortal wounds.
Aura of Decomposing – The forces of decay gush forth to consume the living in a wave of bacterial rot and swarming beetles.
Locust Swarm – Spiraling around the Bás Tiarna in a cone of darkness are thousands of locusts.
Mass Grave – The very earth opens up to ensnare screaming victims in a charnel pit.
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