Influence the Feral Fleshpounder Model!!!

Yeah, what you are saying is correct; for Ferals loose in the wilds, armor and loincloths etc. would be wrong, but these models are designed to represent Ferals which have been caught and kept in captivity by regular Trolloth society. Just as ancient Indians captured and reared wild elephants and covered them with cloth and armor, so the Trolloth do with these wild monsters.

If they weren't captured Ferals then there would be almost no way they would be found in Trolloth warbands since they would be just as likely to kill the Trolloth as the enemy.

But....maybe we can make some future Ferals completely naked to represent those still in the wilds...and who knows, perhaps we already have plans for a feral warlord in wave-two for you dedicated Feral fans.... :-)

Hey big thanks for agreeing! ;-)
And yeah, I get the point of the size-discussion-prevention... XD

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