300 Pts Halodynes Oppression

Played some games with this and in a tournament as well, until now undefeated, but squeaking out a win is not easy as everyone is very keen on trying to engage this list.

- Chain Lightning
- Killing Machine
- Healing Hands
=> Ancestral Claw (Chain Lightning)
=> Potion of Argathon
=> Amulet (protects against missiles, spells)
Sacred Familiar

Test Char but could be Kydoime

Animated Statue
5 Hill Ogres

I play this very dictating, funneling the opposing player to one part with a variation of the Obligue line strategy. And then crossfire him in spells and abilities.


Club: The Green Knight

I would take against this:
Bisotaur Shaman,
2 Ursapines.
The Ursapine with Long Legs spell can move 20 inches per round, so at the end of round-1 they have already crossed the middle of the board. They can then use Rolling Doom tactic to roll through the defensive line of the Hill Ogres, and engage the Oracle. Meanwhile the Guthackers move up to charge the Hill Ogres.

Or more fun - Tyrant, 2 units of Reaver Tribesmen (to eat the Oracle and Ogres) and a Chimera to battle the heavy stuff. The Oracle's immunity to magic, and shooting and her +2 DEF from Levitate will not help her one bit against three hungry Tribesmen. The Subfaction ability also allows them to heal damage from Chain Lightning which usually does not kill with the first casting.

First list would be a nice counter, but weak to face other lists on a tournament.
would need to play this one out to see where we go. Cause an ursapine is not that difficult to kill if he comes to close, having priority in the turn after would be key to either kill the second one, or move the oracle out of harms way...

the second list looks much more intimidating tbh. Chimera can stand up to the ogres if supported. Tribesman can't be left alone and are still dangerous in small numbers. An there is still the Tyrant as well...
And the list has a lot wounds to take care of, really like that list!


Club: The Green Knight

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