Battle Never Sounded So Great

[Image: Godslayer_Models_WyldfolkOfAnnyr_BardOfA...lorder.jpg]

Strike up the bagpipes and march to war with the new Bard of Aynnsing character.

Bards are revered individuals among the Annyr - the guardians of the Wyldfolk's culture, which they commit to memory in verse and music.

During wartime they motivate and incite their comrades to glorious deeds.

Take a look at the 360° image here.

Haha wicked!

Quality model guys!

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Bit short a weapon for being a bastard sword... but to hell with that, it's one hell of a job getting a piper in such quality without overproportioning the bagpipe! Nice one guys and let the drone fill the hearts of friend and foe - the first with pride, the letter with fear!!! Smile

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