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Points costs - Method - 01-13-2014

Hi all,

Is there a way to get the point cost of some miniatures?
I see the stats and abilities on the main site but no point cost...

RE: Points costs - ArcusCalka - 01-13-2014

Rulebook, in the paper version, online you can only download the rules - without stats, point costs and abilities of units.
here you've got the possibility to download the cards from starter boxes

RE: Points costs - Khazrak - 01-13-2014

Or buy the rulebook. Smile
All point costs are written there.

RE: Points costs - David - 01-14-2014

Here you can download the Cards of the starter-boxes, and they naturally also include the Points for those models.

Starter-Box Cards

RE: Points costs - Method - 01-14-2014

Thx for the answers guys
I want to start this game by buying the standard 300 points army. I already have the starter so the first 150 points are there, but for now I dont want to buy to many points. First want to see if this game is really that good ;-)

I will order the rulebook box....

RE: Points costs - Fenris - 01-14-2014

This game is really that good. Wink

Just play some games with the starterboxes. Even at that small Level it is really fun.

And the nice part about Godslayer is, that there is on such thing as a standard army. You can tailor the warband to your playstyle and don't have to work about balancing.