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RE: Banebrood Bisotaur Shaman WIP - Madcat - 01-09-2014

This Guy looks great. In fact, he might tip me over in buying some Banebrood models one day....I definitly need to improve my painting speed...:-(

How do you transport your Halodynes? I will have that Problem in the near future...:-) Is that nice Feldherr Bag I got from the Kickstarter sufficient?
I'm a bit concerned regarding the Hoplites and also the Bladeslingers.....

RE: Banebrood Bisotaur Shaman WIP - Fenris - 01-09-2014

I use the Feldher Case, but not the standard trays. They have foam trays to cut out. You can custom fit the tray to your miniatures. This works pretty good.


RE: Banebrood Bisotaur Shaman WIP - Ibanezmark - 01-10-2014

Overall I think he's okay.
I dislike his head and pose, though, but I think I can reposition him quite easy.

RE: Banebrood Bisotaur Shaman WIP - Fenris - 01-10-2014

(01-10-2014, 05:09 PM)Ibanezmark Wrote:  I dislike his head...

I heard that in our gaming group as well. That is funny, because my first thought was "What an awesome bison head." Wink
I think that with the right paint job you can create all kind of moods. I´m really looking forward to the painted version.


RE: Banebrood Bisotaur Shaman WIP - Roosta - 01-14-2014

i like the model a lot! looks a bit like the Pan from Castlevania Wink

definite a must buy!