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Wyldfolk Ideas. - Bango1978 - 10-02-2013


here some ideas:

-Dryad character or unit with the possibility to ignore difficult terrain and the special ability of advance deployment.

-Treeman Monster, really slow, possibility to spawn Dryad, aura of blessing in his Leadership.

Could be ok?

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Raoul - 10-03-2013

Dryads and Treeman-like creatures are already scheduled for the second wave. Wink

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Bango1978 - 10-03-2013

(10-03-2013, 11:00 AM)Raoul Wrote:  Dryads and Treeman-like creatures are already scheduled for the second wave. Wink

Sad Sad

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Raoul - 10-03-2013

What's sad about it?
Creatures you'd like to see in GS are planned to be released and are even in the stage of early testplaying. So I don't see where there's a reason to be sad. Smile

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Bango1978 - 10-03-2013


RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - David - 10-09-2013

Yes, no reason to cry :-)

Wave-2 will begin immediately after Wave-1 is completed!

We cannot give a firm date at this point, but at the current rate, we will probably finish releasing Wave-1 in January/February.

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Rhevean - 11-20-2013

More Celtic inspired Weponary. Celtic Shields, Falcatas, Celtic Chariots and celtic "berserkers" painted in blue with two swords.

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - tmastgrave - 11-20-2013

I'd really like to see more Tuathan models. I love the Lord of Decay and Wycca Warriors all around. The theme, look of the units, and play-style all suit me very well, but the Tuathan are the only sub-faction that I'm really attracted to in the Wyldfolk.

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Huscarl - 11-20-2013

Well, I think that in Wave 2 we┬┤ll see expansions to the Fiannor and Tuathan sub-factions. Raoul said earlier that Dryads will be in Wave 2, so we`ll see representants of the other Tuathan Cults too.
Concerning the Fiannor, it was mentioned some time ago that the mounted Fiannor troops are also coming.

@Rhevean: There are some troops mentioned in the Godslayer Background book:
For example, the Claimh Dancers which are warrior fanatics, who fight with sword pairs or tribal Ogres who wield giant claymores etc.
But David can certainly tell more.

RE: Wyldfolk Ideas. - Fenris - 11-20-2013

I really like the Fiannor subfaction. I hope there will be some new models in Wave 2. just a bit more of shooty awesomness. Wink