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Master of Undeath - André - 01-01-2013

Happy New Year to everyone!

We hope you had a good time and we want to start the new year with an image of a new sculpt that will soon be released!

Here is an image of the Mortan Necromagus - one of the coming cast of characters to be released in February 2013.

This awesome sculpt really captures the brooding darkness of the Mortan Empire.

All the characters in this upcoming release are either spell-casters or magical in nature, and the Necromagus is no exception - a master of undeath.

[Image: Sculpt_Necromagus.jpg]

RE: Master of Undeath - Huscarl - 01-01-2013

Indeed, this is an awesome sculpt Smile!
Thanks for the picture!

RE: Master of Undeath - Fenris - 01-01-2013

That is more than awesome. This model almost makes me want to start a Mortan warband. Damn it. Wink


RE: Master of Undeath - CdI - 01-01-2013

great! *G*

RE: Master of Undeath - NemesisCH - 01-02-2013

(01-01-2013, 09:36 PM)Fenris Wrote:  That is more than awesome. This model almost makes me want to start a Mortan warband. Damn it. Wink

dito! Wink

RE: Master of Undeath - Mokus - 01-02-2013

I love it! I resist the urge to start another faction Wink

RE: Master of Undeath - PraetorDragoon - 01-03-2013

Why must all models be awesome? Now I don't know which faction I like :'(

RE: Master of Undeath - witchfire - 01-03-2013

another "must buy" mini

my wallet will hate me

RE: Master of Undeath - Cobrannos - 01-04-2013

Thanks guys!

I have my Godslayer books for some weeks now, read them thoroughly, and read almost everything you have on this website - and was absolutely unable to decide which faction I should start with ;-)

But the promised Necromagus sculpt now decides it - Mortans!
The model is superb. Only the flames in the left hand are somewhat ditsy - fireball-hurling necromancers? Would not some focus item (hourglass, scroll, urn, death mask) be more in tune with the theme? Or at least a cloud of ash, dust or fumes?

I have the impression that the style and also quality of the Godslayer miniatures is rather heterogeneous - is this intended or just caused by having different sculptors? And who are they? Perhaps Megalith could introduce them and their work and visions at this forum? I would like to learn more about them...

RE: Master of Undeath - CplHicks - 01-04-2013

Hrrr, Mortans will be my second faction it seems to me. I like him a lot.