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Video Interview with André - André - 11-21-2012


Anyone of you that is interested in watching a german video interview with me can do so at:

Just click on the latest episode 94.

And don´t laugh at me, it was a spontaneous thing that was done at SPIEL 2012 and also my first video interview Smile

Would be great if some of you also leave some comments on their website regarding the video!


RE: Video Interview with André - Fenris - 11-21-2012

You did a great job. Nice to see that Godslayer gets some attention. Let´s bring the good news to the public.

I already commented on the vid.


RE: Video Interview with André - PraetorDragoon - 11-21-2012

And I thought the french spoke fast... :| Well, at least I understood bits of it Smile