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Godslayer Unboxing - André - 10-16-2012

Hi everyone,

A friend of mine who normally runs a video game channel purchased his first Godslayer Starter Box and a Rulebook Box and did an unboxing video of it.

The video is in German, but also non-german speaking guys will be able to see how the products look! Smile

RE: Godslayer Unboxing - Bundeskasse Halle - 10-16-2012

He seems to be a nice guy Smile Great unboxing video, hopefully this will help to spread the word.

RE: Godslayer Unboxing - Warzoner - 10-17-2012

Just received my stuff, seems to be great quality. I've read the first part of the background book, seems like you've put a great deal of thinking in it ! Great job Tongue
Can't wait to see new upcoming models Smile