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What's happening with Godslayer? - David - 10-20-2016 10:09 PM

At the moment the focus remains preparing to re-launch the game with the Battlebox and the wave-2 starter-deals, which will both be part of a Kickstarter.

Since Christmas is unfortunately right at the time the stuff will be ready, we will need to wait until Feb for people's pockets to refill, so we are looking at a very realistic release date of Feb for the Kickstarter. All the stuff will be fully ready, so it can immediately be cast and shipped after the Kickstarter.

Thanks to all the positive comments about the game from people on many continents wishing us well for the Kickstarter. It seems everyone agrees Godslayer is a game that deserves great support.

The website has gotten a lot of upgrades:

The supplements section now has free downloads for:
- Starterbox cards in German and English
- Veteran unit cards
- New Scenarios pack
- Godslayer rules summary sheet
- Core rules
- QS rules
- Errata
- Tournament rules

A nice gallery section has been added.

The faction buttons on the right now have a huge amount of information. Each model is discussed including a summary of their fluff and their usage in play. So new players can get a good idea of what to put in their warbands and what opponents could have.

The rest of the site has been upgraded with more art and photos.

If you click on the Godslayer tab items, you can see in the left margin 6 new articles - one for each faction. these "how to chose your faction" articles discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each faction.


this is almost ready for production. Still left to do:

-Nordgaard wave-2 starter sculpts (Myrgaerder Huscarls, Gestir Captain and Valeda seer).
-Halodynes Amazon Ranger and Matriarch have been started
-Troglodyte warlord and character are in progress
-The Baneking and Stagotaur also need to be done.

Play-testing has dried up. There is very little feedback coming, but we will have to manage without further support. Hopefully that will change once the Kickstarter is released.

Ursapine - was stuck in customs, but we have gotten a new bunch produced, and so the Ursapine will be released in a few days once our warhouse move and mega-restock is complete.

Skulleaters - Boxes are scheduled to arrive on 25 Oct and the cards and minis are already waiting for them, so release is planned for around one week

Revised Mortan Scorpio with new crew - same as the Skulleaters
New Wyldfolk starterbox - painting is almost finished
New Maldire Mongrels - on Giovannis painting table
Additional troopers for the starter boxes - on Giovannis table

Army deals are coming!

There will initially be a Large Warband Deal followed by a
The graphics are finished, and they will be released once our mega-restock is finished. That will be in about 3 weeks.

For strategic reasons, the Small Warband deals and subfaction deals will be part of the Kickstarter.


Animal cards - I am working on Godslayer Animals. This will also be profile cards for free download.
These cards will be released together with a set of 10 scenarios, which will include a 3 player and a solo-player scenario.

Advertising - our first advertisements for Godslayer were in Wargames Illustrated October edition. and they are going out each month now with a new ad.
If anyone has suggestions for other magazines, forums and blogs to use, please let me know.

Card Decks - We have begun revising all cards for printing. Most cards have some technical formatting issues that need to be fixed. Its several hundred cards, but we have begun the process of fixing the formatting, then these will be printed as faction decks.
They will contain:
-Each model/unit's max deployment for 499 point games
-All spell and item cards several times
-A handful of blank tactic and action token cards.
-A few new additional item cards such as new sword-pairs for the Pendragon and some others.

Photoshoots - We need lots of high quality photos for Godslayer. these will be used in the updated rulebook, in the gallery, in the "chose your faction" articles and the Scrolls of victory and centre-stage articles.

They are also needed for the next wave of advertisements and also to create a terrain page for the website which will give lots of tips how to make awesome tables for less money or less time.

So at the moment I am building terrain for these photo shoots.

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - manic _miner - 10-21-2016 08:41 AM

A very nice update and i look forward to seeing the new releases.

Terrain might be one of the hardest things to get for the right look.

Will the Mortan statues be released?

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - David - 10-21-2016 08:08 PM

Yes for the Mortans terrain statues. They will be a goal on the Kickstarter. If we don't get there, they will eventually be released anyway, but the KS can make that sooner.

There are lots of cool stuff which fits a low-fantasy / classical history game like Godslayer, and I will detail all that in the forthcoming terrain section.

Everyone wants to have awesome terrain to play on, but most people lack one of the following in order to achieve it:
A) time
B) money
C) knowledge
D) patience

So I will show ways to assemble cheap, awesome terrain with little money and little effort. Your nearest big pet-shop will be a great resource...

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - manic _miner - 10-21-2016 11:15 PM

I raid the pet shops on a regular basis for terrain pieces Wink.

Also been checking out a few other sources for nice resin terrain too.

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - Khal - 10-24-2016 12:48 PM

Hi there,

Thanks for the update. Seems a lot is going on in the company. I'm looking forward to wave 2. I think having full playable sub-factions is a thing the company lacks right now. The game, the setting and the models are great (at a reasonable price). A good mix for success I would say.

I really hope the advertisement can attract new players / collectors. I think facebook i a good way to get in touch with people who are in to the hobby.
The company has a great website, congratulations on that! It gives a good impression to new players. The terrain section and introdution to the factions are a great idea!

I really hope the project will become an even bigger success in the upcomming months.

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - CplHicks - 10-25-2016 11:38 AM

Beasts of War seems to be a channel that helps a lot in promoting a brand. Also having one of the popular youtubers do battlereports might be a thing.

Looking forward to the army deals.

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - manic _miner - 10-27-2016 12:05 AM

Miniature wargames magazine has changed Editors and has a bigger Fantasy/Sci-fi section in it now.Might be a good place to advertise or send in articles for the magazine.

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - Khal - 10-31-2016 10:09 PM

Hi there,

I just took a look at the terrain section on the website. The halodynes terrain is amazing! A real player's dream gaming table. Nice buildings, I like the houses and the bridge. The road wich is partly covered under the earth is great! I hope there will be some hints and tips on the site about this terrain piece. Great work guys!

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - David - 11-02-2016 11:07 PM

(10-27-2016 12:05 AM)manic _miner Wrote:  Miniature wargames magazine has changed Editors and has a bigger Fantasy/Sci-fi section in it now.Might be a good place to advertise or send in articles for the magazine.

Good to know, thanks!

RE: What's happening with Godslayer? - Don_Silvarro - 11-29-2016 01:13 AM

So, with 2017 coming on the horizon and the earliest dates given on these boards for completion of Wave 1 being mid-2013, that makes Skulleaters what, just shy of four years (and counting) late I guess...