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Kickstarter - Atomicaphex - 02-21-2016 09:10 AM


I seem to remember that there was talk about a kickstarter campaign to launch wave 2 in the beginning of april. I am having difficulties finding any information about it now. Did i miss something (would not be a first) or did something change?

I hope there is a kickstarter - I know I would back it.

RE: Kickstarter - Euphoric - 02-21-2016 07:02 PM

There never was a definite date and I guess it will be later than april.

RE: Kickstarter - Abadon - 02-21-2016 08:54 PM

Megalith said that they want to do some re-releases of certain models from wave-1, so I belive that kickstarter will start after release of those re-worked models

RE: Kickstarter - Atomicaphex - 02-21-2016 09:22 PM

Ok. Thanks Smile

RE: Kickstarter - Raoul - 02-22-2016 03:08 PM

Abadon got it right. Luckily, the re-sculpted starter box miniatures in question are already well underway.

RE: Kickstarter - David - 02-24-2016 12:50 AM

It's looking like May for the Kickstarter because there is still a lot of sculpting and artwork to finance and get done.

The Kickstarter will be for a starter-deal for each faction of wave-2. So basically like a starterbox for each.
This way retail shops and distributors are not loosing out on lots of sales.

Although only the starter-deals will be in the Kickstarter, the money from the Kickstarter will enable us to finance a huge portion of Wave-2 (hopefully). With that we can really build up steam and get the releases out faster.

But its a hell of a lot of money to be paid for all sculpting and art for 1 warlord, 1 character and 1 unit for all 6 factions. I remember when we first released Godslayer, that was ALL we released at first, and it took years to get it ready. :-)

We also have the Godslayer Battlebox coming out with the Kickstarter, which has the core rules (110 pages) plus 2 complete warbands of Halodynes and Banebrood, including resin Cerberos and resin new Ursapine. Also in the box will be the Gorelord, Fallow Shaman, Pestbringer and a full unit of Mongrels, Godquester, Syntarch, Priestess and a full unit of Hoplites.

The playtesting for the Wave-2 Kickstarter models is going well, so that will not be a hold-up. Godslayer is know for its excellent balance, and that is something I definitely plan to retain while introducing also cavalry units, mounted characters and a few large creatures.

The art is in concept phase right now and Kedzior is helping me with that. From the sculpting, the Goreguard are basically finished but they will get an additional optional arm with shield. The Amazon Peltasts are also nearly finished.

The rest all needs to be done, but May is realistic for the Kickstarter.

Between now and the Kickstarter will be released:

Kydoime and the Chimera (Nemesis box)
New Bladeslingers
Resin Cerberos
New Wyldfolk starterbox including new Pendragon and modeified Bard with longer sword)
Revised Scorpio with new crew
New Ursapine
The Skulleaters
Trooper boxes with new trooper models for Fjell Warriors, Hoplites, and Ironhide Brutes
New Maldire Mongrels
New Banebrood starter box
Mortans vs. Halodynes Nemesis box

All of that except the final one is in various stages of molding and painting.

And before anyone asks - No I am not giving any dates for these releases, so no-one can write me nasty posts about how crap we are at meeting deadlines :-)

But they will be in the near future. Right now the top priority is completing a full restock of all minis, boxes and cards so all items are in stock.

Also on the way - army deals!
These are being put together right now.
Each faction gets:

Big multi-faction army deal
Small multi-faction army deal
Big sub-faction deal for every sub-faction
Small sub-faction deal for every sub-faction

So that will be 46 different deals to chose from.
That should be enough to please everyone.

RE: Kickstarter - udunsflame - 02-24-2016 08:47 AM


Can't wait for that beautiful new Ursapine.... ;-)

RE: Kickstarter - laurens - 02-24-2016 09:07 AM

Cheers !!!!

RE: Kickstarter - Jendor of Threxia - 02-24-2016 03:50 PM

Great announcement and great plans!

RE: Kickstarter - Abadon - 02-24-2016 05:52 PM

So when you buy kickstarter you buy 6 starters? Or you can buy just one or two starter boxes?