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Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - udunsflame - 02-17-2016

Last Saturday the 13th of February we had an internal tournament.
(First of all I would like to apologize if my English is not perfect)

The Rules were simple:

- Max 300pts warband
- Max 2 lists with different Warlord
- 1 Faction
- 3 battles (2 scenarios – not known)

Due to probably a bad date we were expecting a few more participants but ended up with only 6 players… (we’ll actually have 14 Godslayer players in our club, but they were all too busy. What can be more important than Godslayer??!?) ;-)
Although we only had six player we did have a very nice day! We played three 2 hour battles. There was no Swiss system used, but only random encounters. We always make sure you do not play against the same opponent more than once. The first battle was a simple pitched battle. It is nice to start the game with the basics. Battle 2 and 3 we did use some scenario’s. Here are our thoughts.

The Scenarios

Battle 2 - Dusk Raiders.
This is a really sturdy scenario. Simple and a nice variation. Hidden deployment is always fun to use in a tournament. If you’re organizing a tournament with more than 20 players (just to put a number on it), this becomes a bit difficult because you’ll lose a lot of time with this. But now it was easy to perform. We used a blanket as a screen.
Because some Warband lists are disadvantaged, players first get to know their opponent, then they get to know the scenario. After that they can decide which list they use.

Battle 3 – Heavy winds setup.
This was just another pitched battle, but after deployment all deployed units/models were scattered 1D6. If we will use this scenario again, we’ll probably use 2D6. 1D6 does not have that much influence. Last year we played the scenario with the Twisters and that was a lot more fun.
All tables did have a lot of scenery (see photos). That can be a disadvantage to very shooting armies, but most of the players do like a LOT of scenery.

My Battles

I cannot write a fully detailed battle report but I’ll try to talk about a few key moments and opponents of my battles.
All three battles I played with the same list. It is a nice and good list for a tournament. And it only had 296 points… You’ll find the list in attachment. But here is a small overview:
Gorelord – Bleeder, Fleshmorph Draft, Hornplate Armor, Urghast Charm – 77
Pestbringer – Bubonic Plague – 37
5 Fomorian Gut-Hackers – 110
Ursapine – 38
Fallow Shaman – Atrophy, Jellify – 34
Total : 296

Battle 1 – Nick - Mortans

The first battle was immediately a difficult one for my army… I had to use brute force, because almost all of my special abilities did not work against his Warband. This is what he had (not 100% sure of the items):

Mortifex – Morticon Almanach, Ancestral Crystal, Elixir of Life, Necaton Lifeblade – Spells: Ancestral Rites, Fleshbind, Otherworld Breach, Raise Legionnaire + Armor – 73
Necromagus - Fleshbind, Otherworld Breach, Raise Legionnaire – 36
6 Legio Mortum – 38
6 Legio Mortum – 38
Moloch – 52
Moloch – 52

- Gorelord: Bloodthirst, Bleeder (weapon) and Bestial Bellow could not work (only against living)
- Pestbringer: Fear, Plagues, Reek, Rotting corpse does not work… (only morning star)
- Fallow Shaman: Both spells did not work… Only against living models
- Fomorian Gut-Hackers: Plagues did not work
- Ursapine: Poison does not work

His tactic was to gain as much Ancestral Tokens before I came close. I think he got three ancestral token when I was close enough to be charged. He had a really hard combo with his Mortifex and the Moloch(s)… The first charge in the battle was made by his moloch against my Gorelord. The only reason my Gorelord survived was because Nick missed his third attack… This is how he managed it:
- With his Ancestral Crystal he gave the Moloch +1 to all basic characteristics.
- Because of his 3 Ancestral tokens, he moved the Moloch 4” (new speed 3 + 1)
- He gave the Moloch an extra ACT, so now he had 6 ACT! (4 + 1(talisman) + 1(warlord))

This way the Moloch could strike 3 times… That was definitely the end of my Gorelord. He now had MEL 9 and POW 6. The Gorelord ‘only’ has DEF 14 and ARM 7… So he took a good hit! The First hit came in doing 6 damage. For the second my opponent threw double 6’s to wound… Gorelord, taking 13 damage… With only 2 lives left and another attack coming I was certain it would be over for the warlord. Luck decided otherwise… Thank the Gods. My Gorelord didn’t deserve this, I think he could only wound the Moloch for +-7 wounds. (Striking against a moloch with Reek, DEF 14 and ARM 8)

That was the end of round 2 I think… In the next round he healed the moloch to full health… damn… I got the first turn, so I healed my Gorelord with the potion and tried to kill the Moloch. Neither of the 2 could kill one another. Luckily my Gut-Hackers were very close to the Moloch (were also engaged by his charge in the previous round) so they could easily surround the animal. Only three of the five managed their Reek test. Only two were needed to kill the Moloch with POW 8…

On the other side of the field I did sacrifice my Ursapine, Fallow Shaman and Pestbringer to prevent a second charge from the 2nd Moloch. And this with success… My Gut-Hackers also managed to kill a unit of Legio Mortum. He did manage to win the battle by 17 points, lucky for me that was only a draw…

Battle 2 – Dave – Halodynes

My second battle was against the nice painted Halodynes of Dave. All living models this time… He did use a nice list:

Sanctum Priestess
Sacred Familiar
4 Hill Ogres

The game started with the hidden deployment, this way the battle surely started faster! I deployed my army compact on the right side of the table. On the opposite side Dave deployed his army on the same side… only his Cerberos was on the far left side… ready to shred my flank. My left side was flanked by my Warlord and Gut-Hackers. This way he was very cautious with his Cerberos. When I was able to charge his army -spread over the right side of the table- his Cerberos was still far off to the left and out of harm.

In the first turn my army rushed forward… I threw my Ursapine 16” straight forward on the extreme right side of the table. In the second turn he charged the Syntarch over a Hill with SV 2. Only finding himself death (Dave rolled 2 6’s for POW) against this powerful enemy. Afterwards I came closer with my Pestbringer to scare of the lad, and it did work. He rushed back to his hill Ogres, only finding my Gorelord coming in from the flank. My Gorelord was there to threaten his Godquester. As where my Gut-Hacker coming from below.

His Godquester managed to petrify one of my Gut-Hackers and charged them. To our surprise he (she) was not able to kill one of the Gut-Hackers… Now the road to the Syntarch was clear for my Gorelord. He managed to charge the Syntarch and kill him with his first attempt to hit the dude. Lucky for Dave he only could only move 1” due to slay movement, and could not get close enough to the Hill ogres or the Godquester. Because I killed the Syntarch with the Bleeder weapon my Gut-Hackers were able to surround the Godquester for free. First my Shaman was able to cast Atrophy on the Godquester, decreasing her DEF.

Then the Gut-Hackers tried to kill her, with success…
My Pestbringer was able to engage the Hill Ogres, so they could not charge my Gorelord. My army was on a roll….
This is what happened next:
- The Pestbringer was killed by the Hill Ogres, The Gorelord managed to kill all Hill Ogres eventually.
- The Gut-Hackers were able to charge the Cerberos and kill it instantly
- The owl exploded wounding three Gut-Hackers
- The Gut-Hackers ware able to kill the sanctum Priestess.
Result: The scenario did not have any influence on our game. I was able to kill the entire army, I lost the Ursapine and the Pestbringer. Although all of my Gut-Hackers had some wounds none of them died.

Battle 3 – David - Mortans

The last battle was against David with his Mortans. He plays a whole other army then Nick.

6 Praetorian Carnifexers
Cataclysm Catapult

I had only one tactic: RUN!!! As fast as I could I charged forward. The second turn I did put my Ursapine right in front of the Scorpio. My Pestbringer did come close after him. He did kill my Ursapine with 2 shots… The next round my Pestbringer came into charge distance, now he was unable to shoot him down. In the 4th turn my Pestbringer charged the Scorpio and killed both crew members. He was killed himself by the Centurion who was defending the back of his army.
The third round my Gorelord could charge the Catapult killing all crew… Because of his bloodthirst he still had ACT afterwards and moved to the back of his army, engaging the Carnifexers. Because my Gut-Hackers were close enough they could position free (due to bleeder) to get ready to charge the Carnifexers in the next round.

My Gorelord was killed by the Centurion but already killed a Carnifexer. The rest was killed by the Gut-Hackers. My Gut-Hackers were also able to kill the Centurion, because he has no ACT left after killing my Warlord.
Result: I was able to kill his entire army. He managed to kill the Ursapine and the Pestbringer.

OVERAL RESULT: I WON the tournament! Yeehaa!!! I did learn that a full unit of Gut-Hackers and a Gorelord is very good! Also the combination with a Shaman who casts Atrophy near the Gut-Hackers is just fatal (for my opponent).

I'll post some photo's later, along with the final results for the tournament.

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - David - 02-17-2016

Great Report!
Sounds like a lot of fun.

Shame on you for letting Beastspawn get charged by undead! :-)

I have seen a lot of people rely on Long-Legs spell for speed in tournament warbands, but there are so many interesting options using the other spells.

Was everyone using mostly elite units in their warband or were there any cheap units?

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - laurens - 02-17-2016

I'm not a great report writer. but I will give it a go.

I had 2 lists at my disposal:
@ David: most army's that entered had elite units. I had 2 options

Duskborn Chieftain 77
Chain Whips
Dragonscale Armor
Feral Hammerfist 38
Lighteater 32
3x3 brutes 150

total 297p

Obsidian Nightmare 73
Mask of Dusk
Midnight Blessing
Lighteater 32
5 Brutes 80
5 Longshadows 115
Otherworld Stability
Twilight Gleaming
total 300p

I only played list one.
Third battle I really had doubts to use the second list. but since the battle was fun based I chose for more fun.

Battle one: Trogs vs Mortans (David)

6 Praetorian Carnifexers
Cataclysm Catapult

Plan in my mind. Take as much advantage from the terrain for cover and line of site. All the playing tables were pact with terrain (Great job Jens) . object was to lure the Carnifexers out of there position with the war machines. I love when my plans come out. the Carnifexers moved towards a unit of Brutes that were starting to get closer on the left side, leaving the rest of the Brutes in cover at the centre and on the right side.
The Lighteater provided cover for himself and the Hammerfist so they could pin down the characters and the Carnifexers. if any of those Mortan models charge, they get counter charged bye a whole lot of trouble.
So that was not what happened. charging the Carnifexers with a unit brutes killed a few models but was not enough to kill them all. so a second unit also charged in. killing the left over Carnifexers meanwhile engaging the Necromagus. once this was over the battle was a cleanup mission.

killing every model got my a victory with 300 killing points. self losing 32points (I think)

Second battle was a against a army I know. Nick (Mortans)

6 Legio Mortum
6 Legio Mortum

Plan => try to lure a Moloch out of the formation and kill it. If he stayed in formation my plan was to avoid his army and draw. I was the only player winning the first round so I could afford a draw. I had to win the 3th game to win. This said, and this was what happened. he was not foolish enough to break formation an staid put in a corner. I tried to lure him with a few models but he did not run in the trap. so the battle ended in a draw.

Last battle was vs Bram (Nordguard)

3 Einherjer
(6?) Fjell warriors

Same tactic like always.
The Bloodvrag and the Chainslayer
where trying to come to my flank. This known I focused my army on those 2 models. distracting the other part of the Nordguard with one unit of brutes and a Lighteater. The Chainslayer was placed behind a building not in lighn of side of inde unit brutes in charge range a other unit of Brutes were on the other side of the building. Bram had his Bloodvrag in charge position if I decided to charge with the unit within line of side. I solved this problem bye activating my warlord giving the brutes behind the building +1act and Rage. the Unit moved 3 times engaging the Chainslayer having act enough to attack once.
almost killing the Chaynslayer. (the die were not on my side). he charged with the Bloodvrag killing one Brute but within charge range of my second unit of Brutes. Those brutes finished the 2 in the charge action. After reforming and getting in position to charge the 2 other units I charged the Fjell warriors. Meanwhile pinning down the Einherjer with 3 potential chargers on deferent sides. 2 models of the warriors were killed bye the charge.
Next turn I would finish the rest of the Nordguard. And then it happened.....
Turn 6 was cancelled du to the fact that my opponent had to leave. Smile
So that is what happened => few points short of victory but this was a fun tournament. so no forfeit

This leaving me on the 2end place in the ranking.

It was a great day. I am glad to see that the level of play in our club is getting better and better. Thx to Jens who organised this tournament and to the people of the board for the coffee and cake. And to megalith for there game and all what they have done.

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - udunsflame - 02-18-2016

(02-17-2016, 07:26 PM)David Wrote:  Shame on you for letting Beastspawn get charged by undead! :-)

I know... but that Moloch really surprised me... He charged from 14" away... (maybe we made a mistake there) can het declare a charge action if he already moved for free this turn?

(02-17-2016, 07:26 PM)David Wrote:  I have seen a lot of people rely on Long-Legs spell for speed in tournament warbands, but there are so many interesting options using the other spells.

Was everyone using mostly elite units in their warband or were there any cheap units?

The offensive spells really did there job!!! Atrophy really help me out against DEF 16 characters... Keeping Gut-Hackers close was needed. ;-)

(02-17-2016, 07:26 PM)David Wrote:  Was everyone using mostly elite units in their warband or were there any cheap units?

Bram, playing Nordgaard used 6 warriors and Laurens used a lot of brutes. If you count Legio Mortum as elite, then indeed a lot of elite units were used.

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - Alexander - 02-18-2016

Thank you very much for your reports! Good to see that tournaments are being played and work well!
Laurens, can you tell a bit more about your lineup of 3x3 brutes? Really interestingt! Do the brutes work well this way, isn't it too much work of buffing for the chieftain?

I find that Mortan list with Centurion-Scorpio-Catapult really confusing. I mean, if the Carnifex die, you have nothing to win scenarios which require moving/conquering. How did the list perform overall in the whole tournament?

All the best,

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - laurens - 02-18-2016

(02-18-2016, 05:25 PM)Alexander Wrote:  Laurens, can you tell a bit more about your lineup of 3x3 brutes? Really interestingt! Do the brutes work well this way, isn't it too much work of buffing for the chieftain?

No its a real nice and fun way to play with them. the point is to outnumber in charge options.

I use the hammerfist and lighteater as lure to provoke a charge, and counter charging with brutes. If the one unit did not manage to kill enough, charge a second unit of brutes in.
the fun of 3 units brutes is the number of units.

If you split up your army you still have a solid 2end part. normally I go for one unit teaming up with the hammerfist and the lighteater. and 2 units and the warlord. keeping the
Hammerfist centred so he can help ether way

Brutes only need real buffing in my opinion on small based / high def models. its always better to buff if you can. but keep in mind the warlord is also a real treat so I am very cautious about giving buffs.

Elite models on medium or large bases are not that big of a problem. just pick your fight taking on one flank model with one unit and taking on the other flank model with one other unit. and if the opponent works with you the centre model can not even engage.

playing Trogs is a matter of good preparation of the battle, taking the initiative to determine where and when the charge will happen. Taking control over the battlefield is a must to succeed. Also knowing what the capabilities of your and the opponent units are also very important. never let your opponent force you in to doing stuff.
They are the ones that should make the choice between 2 bad things that can happen
(in dutch we say: making the choice between cholera and the plague)

Tip: A nice trick I love to use is to just engage a hammerfist in combat with a unit not attacking, while one or more units are ready to charge the same unit. if they try to kill the hammerfist they lose act. that they cant spend against my charging units. if they counter attack the models in range of the hammerfist cant attack.

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - Alexander - 02-18-2016

Thank you very much for that detailed answer - in Germany, we know "sich zwischen Pest und Cholera entscheiden müssen" too. Big Grin

I also prefer using multiple small units/models - with Banebrood, Ursapines are usually a good choice - to have a lot of different elements on the table, which can threat the enemy. That's why i asked. As Troglodytes will be my second faction, I'm glad to hear that this will work with them too.

Have a nice weekend,

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - Raoul - 02-18-2016

That sounds like a hell of fun! Thanks for sharing the experience.

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - spy - 02-19-2016

Thank you all for the reports.
Was for sure an interresting experience for all participants.

For sure you will see mostly elite units in a tournament (this is at least my experience after 4 tournaments).
Because you get way more result from them from multiplication of effects (action token spent/spells/...).

My Wyldfolk "shooting list" would have been crushed in this tournament (too much cover as you mentioned). But my Wyldfolk heavy hitter list would have been a match for most of the lists I saw here. I am really sorry that I live so far away from you guys...

Do you have some pictures from the tournament?

RE: Green Crusade 2016-02-13 - udunsflame - 02-19-2016

Hi spy, here are some pictures... more are coming...
You'll see a Moloch disguised as a lost 'Warmachine' model...

"Killing Machine Hill Ogres"...
[Image: dsc_0057.jpg?w=600&h=&crop=1]

"Flying Moloch"
[Image: dsc_0062.jpg?w=600&h=&crop=1]

Closest three tables were playing Godslayer...
[Image: dsc_0075.jpg?w=600&h=&crop=1]