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Full Version: Introductions Thread
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Thought it might be a good idea to set up an introductions thread. Basic idea: new users can say hi and tell a little of themselves.

So my turn, I guess. I'm Monty, 19, mental wreck, enjoy painting miniatures, read too much, love chocolate. Hi!
A thread like this is always good Smile

My name you can see to the left, and i like to see myself more of a competive type of player and love to go to tourneys and meet new people. Hi to everyone!
All right, good idea! I was hoping someone would start something like this Smile

So, my name is André and I´m a tabletop player for like 16 years. I have to admit that I missed to play most of the recent tabletop games because I was actually developing my own one: Godslayer Smile But I hope that once the game is released I can actually start playing again!
Tis nice to see the forum up and running, and it will be even better to see it flooded with more and more interest over the coming months for what is seeming to be a very intriguing gaming system and setting.

I can't wait to get my mitts on a couple of starter boxes and a hard-cover (or soft, whichever is released) rulebook.

Now allow myself to introduce, myself..... (Nice Austin Powers rip off right there Tongue)

My name is Chad (Asbjorn), I am Australian and have been wargaming since about 1998 which started in the usual place with games from the company which shall not be named. I've dabbled in many other systems also ranging from WW2, Old West, Steam[PP]unk, and rpg games.

I look forward to further discussions regarding this fascinating new world and game.

(07-01-2012, 02:15 PM)Asbjorn Wrote: [ -> ]the company which shall not be named
I suppose that's the one that's raising prices like hell, ignoring their own lore, and barely playtesting their games any more? I gave up on them too, a while back.
My Nickname is Maulwurfmann, i am 29 and from Haßfurt in Germany.

I play tabletop for about 13 years now. As many others i started with Warhammer Fantasy and collected a few other systems over the years. I feel more like the "beer and brezel" gamer, but despite that fact i like to play in tournaments to meet new people all over germany.

Well, to introduce myself:
My name is Raoul (I know, it was a hard guess...) and I'm playing roleplaying and tabletop games since around 15 years now. A whole lot of different stuff, but recently Godslayer testplaying above everything else. Due to work and family duties my spare time is a rather rare resource, but I'm eager to waste it with you guys and the awesome game that is Godslayer.

Hi im Rid, Im from Chelmsford in Essex, and i cant wait for this game to come out!

Ive been playing various systems for the last 20yrs or so, but following the arrival of my twin girls 3 months ago i no longer have the time for large scale armies or bigger games.

Its skirmish and fleet games, some i can play with my eldest son whos nearly 7, with warmachine being the largest scale game i can manage.

I play at the chelmsford bunker, and have done a fair amount of playtesting of mantics kings of war and warpath for them in the past
Hi my name is....yes you guessed right Martin. I'm playing or better painting miniatures for over 30 years.
I like all kind of skirmish games, because this is the easiest way to jump into action with a full painted warband....or maybe two ;-)

And now i'm looking forward to the official release date and what the future of Godslayer will be.
Hi I'm Ronny from Luxembourg and living at the the moment in Belgium (Could you please change the Netherlands in the player finder to Benelux?) . I started with the hobby 7 years ago. My most loved and least played game is Hell Dorado.

I have many miniature games (yet Luxembourg has real small player base...), but the most played is Warmachine/Hordes, Dystopian Wars followed by Infinity.

I'm eager to get my fingers on this new game Smile

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