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Full Version: Influence the Feral Fleshpounder Model!!!
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Have some influence on the Feral Fleshpounder!

We want to add a detail on the Feral Fleshpounder sculpt to have a size reference on the model. This could be anything, like a Mortan shield he steps on, heads of dead humans hanging around hi
s waist, etc.!

This is were you come into play! Leave us a comment with your idea right here and the best one will be picked and used for the sculpt!

Here´s the current WIP image of this guy, so be creative and take your chance in influencing this model! Smile

[Image: MegalithGames_Godslayer_FeralFleshpounder_Final.jpg]
You could use a Hoplites shield as the armor-part on his back. Maybe he killed some of them and used their shields for armor-improvement.

(11-09-2012, 07:11 PM)Fenris Wrote: [ -> ]You could use a Hoplites shield as the armor-part on his back. Maybe he killed some of them and used their shields for armor-improvement.


I don't think ferals would be smart enough to do that. But i too think it should be a hoplite shield because as ferals they hate the sun and hoplites can use their shields to reflect the sun. I think they would be a priority target to a feral of any kind because they are shiny Wink

I would put a dented halodyn shield and a spear in half on the base. If you want to go crazy put a helmet on the base too Wink

I like the added details on the shoulders. A Feral shouldn't have much smooth skin anyway Smile

E: Seeing this guy almost makes me regret choosing the Mortans Wink
He could hold a hoplite helmet in his right fist (grabbing the plume of the helmet, so it could simply be attached below the fist), with the decapitated head still in it. Blood and Gore!
Or the already mentioned shild with the rest of an arm...
He takes a shield as a hat Wink

I think it would be cool to have him stepping on a broken Mortan war machine
Impressive, extreme cool pose and detailes. But as in beeing feral, I don't see the necessity of a loin-cloth - or the manual skill to put it on, while we're at it... The broken chains are nice, and I disagree with some of the other writers here: those fist don't need some trophy dangling from them, they are agressive and deliver an image of slaughter and carnage just as they are now.
Only one thing I'm missing: the remains of a holding chain at the back of his strappings, as if it wasn't only able to break the chains of it's prison, but escaped it's handler or beastmaster aswell afterwards... So it's nothing one couldnt add for oneself.
My final worlds: *GASP* Big Bad Troll at its finest!!!
Quote:I don't see the necessity of a loin-cloth

It prevents size discussions.
Well played, sir. Wink
I agree with Manus Atra. Ferals shouldn't have any kind of armor/cloth. On the other side, one could reason that the "taskmaster" put the loincloth on.

At first I thought the "armor" was rather silly, but after reading Manus Atras post, I feel like there really should be some broken chain.
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