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Full Version: GodSlayer Sketches - mainly BaneBrood
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Like I posted in other topic, I'm not a player (yet?), but I really like the atmosphere of GodSlayer, the fluff, especially of the BaneBRood and Reavers. Pure blood, chaos and death.
I sketch quick drawings in a small notebook, mainly at work, as a way to relax.

Nothing relaxes as good as a bloody sketch Wink

[Image: IMG_0219.jpg]

Valentine's Day sketch Wink
[Image: IMG_0220.jpg]

My favourite drawing (and one of the most interesting warriors in the army):
[Image: IMG_0221.jpg]

And some beasts:
[Image: IMG_0218.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0222.jpg]

PozdRawiam / Greetings

PS. As you can see, those sketches are from 2 years ago, when I was really interested in GodSlayer. Now the interest came back, I draw some more pictures and maybe I'll post them here some day.

Really nice work.
I like the evil/animalish appearance of these beasts...

I would like to see more. Smile
Let them come if you have some more
They look very nice!! love the work!
Wow, maybe you should be hired to sketch out more such amazing details of Calydorn. Smile
Very nice works indeed - I hope to see more!...Smile
I really like your style of illustration, kind of dark and messy. We would all love to see more of your Godslayer-inspired artwork.
Thanks for all the comments Smile
My work is dark and messy, since I like that style and these are fast sketches made with my favourite ballpen.
In last week I made another 3 drawings inspired by GodSlayer. I'll try to post them here in near future.

PozdRawiam / Greetings
yeah, very nice style! looks brutal!

you could paint the covers of some black metal albums Big Grin
Thank you all very much!
Your comments gave me even more mobilization for drawing - I made many sketches in the last days, here are some examples:

[Image: 0skanowanie0011m.jpg]

[Image: 0skanowanie0012m.jpg]

One of my new favourites:
[Image: 0skanowanie0013m.jpg]

[Image: 0skanowanie0004m.jpg]

And a sketch inspired by the new mongrels and wyldfolk:
[Image: 0skanowanie0003m.jpg]

Not only I draw the existing minis but after some mailing with David I've tried to sketch something more Wink

[Image: 0skanowanie0007m.jpg]

[Image: 0skanowanie0009m.jpg]

Idea of some really heavy cavalry

And some heavy infantry too:

[Image: 0skanowanie0005m.jpg]

[Image: skanowanie0006m.jpg]

Now I'm working on other projects - stay tuned.

PozdRawiam / Greetings
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