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Full Version: Chainslayer's Whirling Tactic
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I have another question regarding Cahinslayer.
His Whirlwind tactic, besides +2 DEF bonus against missile, gives POW 1 damage against every model which finish movement action in 2'" distance from him. Does it include model which finished charge action in this distance?
In a Rulebook you can find info that Charge is not a movement action, that is why I'm curious and wonder what was the intention behind this tactic.
Of course it works also with charge action Wink
That's correct.

Page 62 states "A Charge is referred to as a Charge Action and does not Count as a movement Action".

Whirlwind states; "Enemy models ending a movement Action within 2 inches of the Chainslayer immediately suffer a POW 1 damage roll."

So Whirlwind does not affect People charging and ending up inside the 2-inch Zone. But naturally he can make regular counter attacks.

There are many cases when whirwind is useful. Of course if models move to engage the Chainslayer instead of charging him then they qualify for some mangling.

Whirlwind is useful moreso after the first charges have been made, because then models are more mixed up together and charges are often blocked by model bases. There are then more likely to happen cases where models end up in his killing zone. It also allows you to protect models.

Remember that if enemy models Charge past the chainslayer, he can make free-strikes with a 2-inch range. In this way he can be placed in front of a unit and effectively block about 5.5 inches frontage. Some opponents prefer to then Charge the Chainslayer first, and this creates an excellent bait in front of your unit of Nordgaard troops.

Whirlwind is not intended as a game-winning tactic, just as a nice Little extra which includes the defensive Bonus against MIS attacks, plus protection from being engaged and some random lucky kills during big melee scrums.

If he would automatically get whirlwind damage rolls against chargers plus counter attacks, it would be really hard.
Ok, thanks David for an extended explanation.
Last game we've played it like you said and I just wanted to be sure.
Chainslayer is going to be my favourite character in Nordgaard army Smile
His strategic potential is great when he cooperate with Fjellgangr and Warsmith.
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