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[Image: Godslayer_Models_Troglodytes_Packlasher.jpg]

Let´s continue our previews with another Gnoll since they are one of the less represented models so far! You have already seend the deadly Skullsmashers, now it is time for the Packlasher!

This guy is extremely important for any Gnoll army, since he uses his whip to "motivate" his fellow companions, e.g. the Reaver Runts (which we are going to preview auite soon!).

We hope you like the model! We thinks it turned out really great for a 25mm Gnoll!
so you guys want me to buy everything? Because everything you show is awesome.
The recent gnoll releases are quite cool; I like their mongol style Smile
can't wait to see the actual Gnoll Grunts.
Here are all of the Gnolls collected together so you can get an idea how the sub-faction will look:

Skullsmasher Oakbows - Unit
The Skullsmasher archers are celebrities within their tribe, renowned for their kill-count. Nothing sends mobs of Gnolls into shrieks of delighted mirth more than watching a famed enemy hero die from a dastardly shot in the back launched from across the battlefield.
With a packlasher using Whiplashing, plus an Action token from the warlord, 3 Oakbows can unleash 6 POW5 shots per turn!
[Image: Godslayer_Models_Troglodytes_SkullsmasherOakbows.jpg]

Reaver Runts - Unit
Just above the lowest rung in the ladder of Gnoll society are the hunters, herders and scavengers. When battle looms, these “troops” are hurriedly armed with sharpened sticks and bestowed the title Reaver Runts as if that somehow makes them soldiers. Even other Gnolls consider Reaver Runts expendable, and do not hesitate to commit them to suicidal missions to distract the enemy or soak-up arrow fire. In this role of worthless sacrifice they excel!
For 318 points you can deploy 60 Reaver Runts on the battlefield. Its fun to watch the opponent's face when he deploys his 10-15 minis and you put down your 70.

[Image: c5f2654d51642f408cc2c2c4d9af8765_large.jpg?1392492244]
[Image: 260c968edb047ed0542eade488ecbe2b_large.jpg?1392492263]
[Image: f3ff29355a4bb8de8e7fa93988514f49_large.jpg?1392492293]
[Image: feea0f458a5c6ba11c98851ba2f4980c_large.jpg?1392492319]

Grondah Filthlings - Warlord
Like prolific vermin, Gnolls spread inexorably across the countryside beyond the borders of the Trolloth and Shadow-Troll lands, burrowing countless independent communities and eking out an existence in the wilderness. Large Gnoll warrens may attract small enclaves of other Troglodytes to live nearby and to cooperate with them in military misadventures. Leading these communities with tyrannical zeal and primal paranoia are the backstabbing oppressors called Grondagh Filthlings.
Even in non-Gnoll warbands this guy is a handy warlord if only for his tactic which allows Units to make a MOV or attack action before charging. The benefits and opportunities for that one tactic are far-reaching.
[Image: 30d50628e66ba7b893620dbc59c73d87_large.jpg?1389829493]

Packlasher - Character

In Gnoll society a good whipping usually accomplishes more than an inspiring speech. Dishing out encouragement with the tip of a bullwhip are the purveyors of pain called Packlashers.
Packlashers delight in intimidating underlings and prize their positions. For this reason and due to their greater size they exhibit a tad less cowardice than the typical Gnoll. Both within the warren and upon the battlefield, Packlashers undertake the vital tasks of motivating and punishing (the same thing in Gnoll society) troops to keep them in line.
For Gnoll-heavy warbands, this guy is indispensible for putting some Backbone into the cowardly scum. But he is really specialized for buffing Gnolls and for Troglodyte warbands without gnolls, he makes no sense to take.
[Image: db2f021bfda65c61b24f4bbb39ac5ad9_large.jpg?1395359452]
Where theres a whip theres a way. Where theres a whip theres a way.
We don't want to go to war today but the lord of the lash says nay nay nay.
Where theres a whip theres a way. Where theres a whip theres a way.
A crack on the back says we're gonna fight we're gonna march all day and night and more.
Where theres a whip theres a way.
Sounds like a Reaver Runts marching song. I like it. :-)

heres the full song with animation. Hell they even look like the
Awesome :-)

Could only better if it was by Disney :-)
When can we get The Paclahsher? Wink
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