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Full Version: Zeria's new scenario's
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Hi all, I have been working on a few scenario's of my own to add into the mix of the ones already in the main rule book. So please feel free to download a copy and try them out, let me know what you think as all constructive criticism is very welcome.

I would post them directly here but its a good 11 pages long so if people want me too I can but otherwise, just download the pdf. I am also not sure this is the right forum to post this up but I couldn't find one more suitable so it was either this or battle reports haha.

thanks all Zeria
I will take a look and see if we can record one being used.
Cool thanks banenoun, a few them are pretty much just killing but you get rewarded for going after certain targets so it pays to be more focused. While others have more of a specific task to complete.
Great stuff, Zeria! Fantastic contribution to the GS cause. Smile

However, for now I moved this thread to the fluff section in the Creative Forum, as we don't have a house rules and selfmade scenarios section (yet), and posting it in the Game Rules section could lead to misconceptions.
But this post alone is reason to expand the forum. Smile
Not a problem and thanks raoul it's nice to get a true word on where it should go or maybe on a temporary basis. It's defeantly not official scenario's but hopefully folks will find use for them, I know I will be trying them out in the reports I post.
Just had a look through these and would definitely be happy to give them a try when my Warband arrives. Particularly liking the look of the garrison defence.
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