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Full Version: Syntarch's Counterstrike
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I have a two questions about this tactic.

1. Due to counterstrike tactic Syntarch is able to make a charge as a passive action, while he is performing it can he be targeted by a passive action such as counter attack from charging him/counterstriked by him unit or free strikes from unit's models which are charging Syntarch, and now one of them is under charge from Syntarch?

2. Syntarch is able to "divide" charge action on movement and attack, am I right?
When he is charged by a unit, when exactly he can trigger his charge from counterstrike tactic?
After finished movement in charge of whole unit or anytime after finished movement in charge of any member of charging unit?

Thanks in advance for reply
Quote:When he is charged by a unit, when exactly he can trigger his charge from counterstrike tactic?

When a model/unit ends its movement. And you may. So, each time this is fullfilled you can charge the model or one of his buddies. Doesnt not have to be the first one.
But in reality i suppose your charge lines are pretty much blocked after the first enemy in your face. More helpful to charged friends by stopping some attackers.
Thanks for reply, after few discussions we have also agreed on this interpretation of the rules.
There is still open question about passive activation against Syntarch, any ideas? Smile
No, there is no passive activation since you have an active activation and thus make your charge attacks.
so to summarize your statement when model is acting in his turn in standard activation (even if it's interrupted by other action) it can't do any passive actions, am I right?

Could you show me in the Rulebook where can I find this information?

And how it corresponds to phrase from page 51 "models may always perform passive activations where the situation allows it"?
Passive activations can only be made outside of active activations.

RB p. 51: "In addition to a model's/unit's standard activation each round, they may additionally be activated at other points during the round under special circumstances."
Yes, you are right (except of course if stated otherwise, but atm there is no such rule).

Don't have a rulebook at hand right now, and maybe it is not explicit written, but it was never intended to make a passive activation to another passive activation.

The countercharge of the syntarch is already a passive activation as a reaction of another models action during its standard activation. Think of it as the syntarchs counterattacks with some special rules (charge movement, bonus and SR +1).
in a rulebook there are 4 basic passive activations
counter attacks, fleeing, free strikes, expiry rolls.
IMO it needs clarification and explicite statemant that passive activation can't trigger another passive activation (for example counter attack and free strike). But let's take a closer look at the expiry rolls which are done "at the beginning of each of the model's standard activations"(p.101) and fleeing which can also happen in model's standard activation.
So two from four main passive activations deny statement that all passive activations have to be made outside standard activation.
This indeed needs a clearer wording!
Hi there,

I have two another questions about Syntarch and charges:

- there are two models - A. and B. - plus Syntarch.
A. charges at B., but Syntarch uses his Counterattack ability, and (counter)charges at A. In that case, model A. can still perform his charge attack on B., or the charge is interrupted?

- Does Syntarch (or any other model) can charge after spending one token to stand up from knocked down?

Thanks Smile
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