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Full Version: Kinswords Shieldbash
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I`m not sure about critical hits and Shieldbash tactic.
1.Additional attack is done as a part normal melee attack (2AcT), so any critical hit means enemy gets 2 extra damages?
2.When a Kinsword charges model gets it`s charge bonus, also to additional Shielbash attack??
1. Since you made the extra attack with a tactic for 0 ACT, the direct damage is also 0.
2. Fighting style and charge boni are applied to all melee attack rolls and melee damage rolls (p. 70, fighting styles), so yes.
(01-07-2014 01:54 PM)Simon Wrote: [ -> ]1. Since you made the extra attack with a tactic for 0 ACT, the direct damage is also 0.

Thanks for the quick response

So, if I understand correct;
1.No critical hits for all attacks done absolutelly for free, for 0 AcT
Example- Pilum Assault, Assault
2.Or maybe no critical hits for all attacks there are free, and even in addition to some other attack, like all ambidextrous attacks (for example Syntarch Two Kopis, all Gorelord and Pendragon weapon attacks) or Shieldbash? After all, all that attacks are done as a part of action costs in AcT.
It's a difference: While the tactics allow a free attack (for 0 ACT, thus without critical dmg), ambidextrous fighting allows another attack roll as part of the same attack action (and this attack action costs ACT and can deliver critical dmg).
It's all about the question if you pay ACT for the actual attack.
Shildbash is different from other "during charge" attacks (pilum assault, scabtha'a assault etc.).
Shieldbash is very similar to ambidextrous, both attacks are made as part of the same action and are free. So where is the difference?
Well, I'm gonna back Grimnir up here. It's clearly stated in the ruling that the free shield attack is a part of the initial attack action that costs 2ACT. Wording is quite similar to Ambidextrous. The only difference is that the phrase "of the the same type" was replaced with "Shield POW1 bla bla bla..." Tongue
There is definitely a difference. Shield Bash is a tactic and Ambidextrous Fighter is a clarification of the attack you chose. Imho it is differen if the additional attack is part of the weapon ability or part of a tactic.

Sure but this tactic kind of gives them an ability to attack twice as a part of the same actio n Wink
Grimnir and Capek are right in my own view, just didn't re-read Shieldbash and thought mainly about assault and the like.
So I personally would see Shieldbash as able to achieve 2 pts of critical dmg.

Guess I have to make a call for the clairvoyant godspeakers.
Imho shieldbash should achieve 2 pts direct damage, because it is clearly said, thah it is the part of the same action (which cost is 2 ACT's). It is NOT another, free attack, like the pillum strike, but it is combined with normal melee.
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