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Full Version: Chainslayer's Grapple-drag
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I have a few questions about consequences of the attack against model unit.
Normally if a unit loses formation, unit models can't charge, receive tactics etc. until models regain formation. After this attack there are big exceptions from the core rules - other troopers from unit can still charge, and don't have to restore formation with attacked model.
My questions are:
1. For how long core rules related to losing formation are negated?
2. What will happen if the Chainslayer is killed in the round, during which he succesfully made Grapple - drag attack? Does the attacked model and his unit still have possibility to negate formation rules?
3. Can Chainslayer after grapple-drag attack put an attacked model behind himself, but within melee range?
is there anybody out there ? Smile

Oh sorry, overlooked the thread. I will get back to you this evening when I'm near enough to my Rulebook to back my claims with quotes. Smile
So here we go: First of all, I have to say that I’m no Nordgaarder, so my knowledge is limited to reading rules and what I have seen so far on the enemy side. Smile

1. There is no clear statement in the ability text, so before a possible fix in the errata, this negation should be permanent, or at least until the Chainslayer is undone.
2. Following point 1, I’d say yes.
3. Again, so long as there is no correction, it’s rules as written. And as there is no such limitation in the ability text, you can just place the model “within melee range and line of sight of the Chainslayer”.

Hope that helps. The wording of that ability surely needs some rethinking, however. Tongue
Hi Raoul,
to be honest, it's not the answer I was looking for Smile

Following your explanation (permanent negation) graple-drag attack may provide a lot of unpleasent situations to a Nordgaard player. Let's assume that there are two Chainslayers, and they are attacking the same unit, after two succesfull attacks, attacked unit have possibility to move two models and unit separately - it's a quite big advantage. You can use them to attack for example three different targets/units and tie them up (separate models will probably die but they will steal from attacked models possibility to charge, and force units to spent action tokens to deal with them).
The easiest way, to solve this problem, is to make an errata in which there is a statement - that unit with grabbed model is treated as every common unit when it loses formation (no tactics, no charge ability, and it has to receive formation in the next move etc.)
Of course my solution has one big disadvantage - it gives very powerful weapon to Nordgaard player and model with this ability should be more expensive Smile
I fully agree, Grimnir, this rule atm is not necessarily to the best of the Nordgaard player - however, I just tried to lay out the rules as written.
At least, a grabbed model is already engaged, so shouldn't move too much as long as the Chainslayer's alive.

As I said, I see a need for a fix here, and I will address the matter with the god-creators of Calydorn.
Let us prey to them and believe they will find good solution Smile

Thx Raoul
Actually it is very simple (at least it was intended like this...): engaged units can ignore the rules to restore their formation and this happens as well as long as the grabbed model is within the chainslayers melee reach. The only difference to normal engagement is, that the rest if the unit is still able to perform charge actions. So after grabble drag we have a situation of engagement light...
Indeed. But the ability text has to be fixed to make that clear, as the way it is worded now, it doesn't work that way.

But the wise men already have taken to consider the wording. Smile
ok, so following your explanation, if I whithdraw Chainslayer beyond melee range ,after succsesfull grabbed attack, normal rules regarding unit formation still work, am I correct? Unit will be out of formation with all the penalties.

What will happen if a grabbed model will be engaged by a different unit (while he is still in Chainslayer's melee range) ? How it will impact on unit formation rules?

"So after grabble drag we have a situation of engagement light"
What do you mean by this word?
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