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Full Version: Chainslayer's Grapple-drag
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Well, it makes not much sense to discuss Simon's understanding, as long as there is no official fix. Wink
By "engagement light" (which is no official term Wink) I mean that like a normal engagement the unengaged models do not have to restore unit formation and can still perform tactics, but on the contrary to a normal engagement the unengaged models can still perform charge actions.
Have god - creators of Calydorn spoken ? Smile
if you don't have permanent solution let's make some temporary rule.
I really would like to play with this model Wink
The "Gods of Calydorn" are still considering and will make a proclomation of divine law soon regarding Grappledrag. :-)
This evening, there will be a clarification.
All right, we came to a conclusion! Here is what we came up with:

If a unit model is pulled out of a unit by grapple drag, the unit may ignore this model as long as it is engaged by the Chainslayer. Therefore the unit can perform any actions including charges. This is so far already covered by the current rules since the rules say a unit does not have to restore unit formation with engaged models. Besides that grapple drag allows the unit to still perform charges. So that is all by the rules.

What happens when the pulled out model is no longer engaged is that the unit must restore its formation because it is now out of formation and the pulled out model is no longer affected by grapple drag.

I hope this clarifies your questions Smile
Hi Andre,
thx for the answer.
So just to summarize - answers to my last questions are:

When I withdraw Chainslayer beyond his melee range and leave pulled out model behind, unit will be out of formation with all the penalties.

When a grabbed model will be engaged by a different unit (while he is still in Chainslayer's melee range) model's unit can still ignore fact of being out of formation because pulled out model is still affected by grapple drag.
Thank you Smile

It's great ability, even better then Fjellgangr's boot attack.
Two Chainslayers become must have for almost every Nordgaard army.
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