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Full Version: Wyldfolk Ideas.
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here some ideas:

-Dryad character or unit with the possibility to ignore difficult terrain and the special ability of advance deployment.

-Treeman Monster, really slow, possibility to spawn Dryad, aura of blessing in his Leadership.

Could be ok?
Dryads and Treeman-like creatures are already scheduled for the second wave. Wink
(10-03-2013 11:00 AM)Raoul Wrote: [ -> ]Dryads and Treeman-like creatures are already scheduled for the second wave. Wink

Sad Sad
What's sad about it?
Creatures you'd like to see in GS are planned to be released and are even in the stage of early testplaying. So I don't see where there's a reason to be sad. Smile
Yes, no reason to cry :-)

Wave-2 will begin immediately after Wave-1 is completed!

We cannot give a firm date at this point, but at the current rate, we will probably finish releasing Wave-1 in January/February.
More Celtic inspired Weponary. Celtic Shields, Falcatas, Celtic Chariots and celtic "berserkers" painted in blue with two swords.
I'd really like to see more Tuathan models. I love the Lord of Decay and Wycca Warriors all around. The theme, look of the units, and play-style all suit me very well, but the Tuathan are the only sub-faction that I'm really attracted to in the Wyldfolk.
Well, I think that in Wave 2 we┬┤ll see expansions to the Fiannor and Tuathan sub-factions. Raoul said earlier that Dryads will be in Wave 2, so we`ll see representants of the other Tuathan Cults too.
Concerning the Fiannor, it was mentioned some time ago that the mounted Fiannor troops are also coming.

@Rhevean: There are some troops mentioned in the Godslayer Background book:
For example, the Claimh Dancers which are warrior fanatics, who fight with sword pairs or tribal Ogres who wield giant claymores etc.
But David can certainly tell more.
I really like the Fiannor subfaction. I hope there will be some new models in Wave 2. just a bit more of shooty awesomness. Wink

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