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Full Version: Brainstorming for terrain or base
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Thinking of the new Syntarch, i wanted him to run up a broken and falling pillar. Often i use aquaristic plants and deco to build my tables. While searching i ran about many of these ruins.

At least the pillars are to big for the base of the miniature if i cut one off, but perfect for the table. So if you run over small pillars feel free to post it Smile.

This is a pic of a table my brother and i made for a friend of us for Freebooters Fate. In the upper left corner you could see the ruin we used there. Unfortunately i had no better picture, we just brushed the base of the ruin with the same color as the ground so it fits in better and glued some plants on it.

What will your Godslayer table look like? Will it be the far north with ice and firs with snow or the woods of annyr?
the table looks great! on the world of calydorn you will find all possible vegetations, so actually you can do whatever you like! I suggest to read through the background stuff on our website to get an idea of the factions and the world. even better would be to wait for the rulebook to be released because it features a second book containing the background and lots of pictures that illustrate the world of godslayer and give a nice feeling for the possible look of terrain!

btw: I will post a halodyne picture this week that is showing a part of our halodyne terrain. once it is posted, I will explain how I did the pillars! I always had the issue that you couldn´t get nice looking ones, but I figured out a very easy way to do them myself! Smile when I post the pic I get back to this thread, explaining everything!
Scibor make decent bases, have you looked at their stuff?

Afraid I haven't the time to make terrain these days, I have a selection that's seen use for warhammer, warmachine and confrontation... Although some greek or roman style additions, and the barbarian huts from galeforce 9 may well get purchased!
Hey Folks,

the table looks really good. How you did the palm trees?


You refer to a picture and instruction for building pillars. Do these instructions exist? I'm really motivated to build somthing for shortening the waiting time of the KS....:-)

@madcat: unfortunately I did not have time to put on a tutorial... but here´s a hint for building pillars:

take some round wooden sticks with a diameter of your choice and cut them in a fitting size. then glue corrugated card board (wellpappe) around it! this will automatically look like a pillar then! Smile for the top and the bottom I just glued on some square foam pieces.
Hey André,

thank you very much I will try that. A thing that came to my mind after reading this thread is to use a structured wood stick. Something like that:

Did you ever try somthing?

Had the same idea, but find the texture to flat and thin... With corrugated card board you will get a really nice look!
ok, I bought some corrugated card board and I will try to build a pillar. If it works, I will post some pictures...:-)
I just built some broken columns for my Halodyn Bases using some wooden plugs und plastic card.
Was quit easy and looks good to me. I will post the ready painted version when its done. Smile
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