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Full Version: Skannfyrd Warband 495 points
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After seeing the finished sculpts of the Kinswords, I was inspired to immediatley make a Nordgaard warband.

Scarjarl 44
9 Kinswords 83
9 Kinswords 83
8 Kinswords 74
Valkyrie 35
Brewer 25
Bloodvarg 32
Bloodvarg 32
Fjellgangr 42
Chainslayer 32
Healing Potion 5
Sword – Beastslayer 8

Total 495

Okay this is a bit predictable, but I love Kinswords with the awesome zero-ACT tactics:
Shieldbash (free attack at POW1) or
Call of Fate (+1 to damage rolls & Hardened Will when the Valkyrie is in their LEAD range)

So basic plan is to advance with the warband in a triangle.
-One Kinswords unit at the front to receive charges, buffed by the Brewer and the Warlord, with Chainslayer just in front of them.
-The two other Kinsword units just behind the first unit and slightly to the sides.
-In the middle the Valkyrie, Fjellgangr and Warlord.
-The Valkyrie therby remains in the LEAD-range of all Kinsword units and so they do not take fear, horror or bravery tests! that means they cannot be broken.
-The Scarjarl and Fjellganger can support where need once the melee begins.
-Bloodvargs hunt down archers and war-machines, and disrupt charges.

So key to this is the Valkyrie and Kinswords Call of Fate Tactic.

Would equip my skarjarl a little more...
He can only take a sword and a potion....
I could equip him more but that would be cheating :-)
Hi David,

I haven't played Nordgaard very often, but it looks like a pretty solid warband. If I consider the miniatures this will be a great looking warband and that counts as well. Wink

I would never use a Healing Potion for my Scarjarl. With 4+11 Life Points and being just plainly way more awesome when being seriously wounded, it's not easy to keep him alive and wounded at the same time. So, if you give him the potion too early, you get him fully healed again, too late and didn't give him the potion when it's too late. Big Grin

My Scarjarl used his Groundmeld Potion so far only with utmost destruction on his mind and well...he did it. Surprise the enemy with this one-man-killing-show! Smile
Okay well his Runescars ability means he is immune to magic and missile attacks so he can only be taken down in melee.
Berserk reduces all damage received by half.
Leatherskin reduces the damage by 1D3.
And he has DEF15.
But he has an ARM of 4.

The Scarjarl is an extremely offensive killing machine, but his weakness is damage received in melee.

You are absolutely right that we want him to be in the seriously wounded category to activate his Berserk ability. This reduces the ACT cost for attacks by -1 and gives him the damage-halving for damage received. So he needs to lose 4 of his 15 LPs to activate it, and then remain at between 1 and 11 LPs to retain it.

There are pretty good chances that he could be reduced to 1-6 lifepoints during some melee, and in this case, adding 5 LPs from the healing potion is extremely useful because bringing him back up to 11 LPs means he still remains in the orange, seriously-wounded zone.

The potion options are:

Healing Potion - restores 5 LPs.

Groundmeld potion is awesome for gaining 2D3 inches free movement, and with it you can escape melee without suffering free-strikes or move under enemy models and then still launch a charge (because is does not count as a movement action).

Berserker Brew gives +1 to attack and damage rolls (not something he desperately needs).

So maybe you are right. Groundmeld potion can be used both offensively and defensively (to escape melee) so perhaps that's the best option.....
...........and of course I could heal him with the Valkyrie (Verses of Fjarla Prayer), and with this healing, you have the possibiluty to decide exactly how many points to heal back (very useful for maintaining his Berzerk state)

The Brewer can give the Scarjarl +1 DEF with his Guarding Draft when needed, increasing his DEF to a crazy 16!

When fighting basic unit troopers he is okay because they would normally need 10's or 11's to hit.

I would try to keep him out of range of enemy elites, because 3 of them could carve him up like a roast turkey in a single round of melee. To accomplish this I would use Kinsword troopers to block lines of attack so that he is in melee with no more than 2 enemy models at a time.

From what I have seen of the Scarjarl in action, the main point to remember is never leave hinm exposed to enemy elites or warlords.
Come out of the Northern Wastelands with your impressing Skannfyrd amry and let them clash against a wall of deadly shadows... Smile

Seriously, would be cool if you could get to Germany this summer so we can have some matches.
(05-08-2013 02:28 PM)Raoul Wrote: [ -> ]Come out of the Northern Wastelands with your impressing Skannfyrd amry and let them clash against a wall of deadly shadows... Smile

Seriously, would be cool if you could get to Germany this summer so we can have some matches.

I would sign this. Mainz isn't that far from us. Maybe some players from Kaiserslautern would join you. Wink

Im very tempted once my Nordgaard clan dwarfs are complete in taking you up on that offer.

I think i might be able to bring along a few Irishmen as well lol

Well, I used to play lots of games with/against David during the First Age of Testplaying, and somehow I'd be happy to clash arms with him once again.

If even more guys charge in, it should be even better. Smile
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