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Full Version: Sanctum Priestess - selection of spells
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Hi everyone,

I have a short question concerning the selection of spells. Reading the rules, I thought that the Sanctum Priestess could choose three spells, but at least one spell must be from the Logos of the Gods.
But after reading the thread in the Wyldfolk section, I´m not so sure anymore. Here David wrote that the Ovate Grove Druid could even choose 2 Spells from the Synod of Oaks Lore. Can I transfer this to the SP?
A little clarification would be nice.

the priestess may take 3 spells which can be chosen either from any one logos spell set or the logos of the gods, or both.
This means I could for example choose
- 3 spells from logos of aesys (or any other logos spell set)
- a combination of two different logos spell sets (but one of the sets must be the logos of the gods; i.e. logos of achallon and logos of saphina would not be allowed)

Thanks for the clarification.

This is important FAQ material.
all right, so this is kind of unclear to many of you? please let us know!
Nope, it seemed perfectly clear to me.
Seems perfectly clear to me as well.
ok, so no errata on this one! Smile
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