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Full Version: The Hairy Commander pledge
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Hi guys.

So couple of days ago i got a rather large package in the post which was sent from Megalith Games and was full of lovely new models for the Hairy Commander pledge for the kickstarter.

[Image: Hairypledge_zps03547701.jpg]

That was the pledge and Dave Paterson was the one who backed for it.

So over the next 8-10 weeks i will be working hard to get this complete for him to a really high standard and will only be showing it off here and on my blog :-

I can be found on facebook if you wish to follow me as that is the place i post links to the blog.

So what did i get in the box and what faction did Dave pick.

[Image: hairycommanderpledge_zps48cabfbe.jpg]

All this.

So thats all for now, i hope you enjoy this as much as i am going to enjoy painting it and please leave any comment you feel you must im a big boy i can take it lol.

Really looking forward to see the results. May the lichelord emperors guide your painting hand for the greater glory of their enlightened empire! Smile
HI guys thanks Raoul.

Here is a link to the first blog post about the project, i didnt want to flood this thread with non painted model pictures so i'll let you head over to the blog and check it out if you want

Also lots to come very soon

Hi Hairy,

looks promising. Please give us an regular update. Would be cool to see the complete process.

You will mate, i plan to use this forum as a place to put the WIP pictures, the complete will be in the blog posts

Here is a WIP of the Necromagues. The skin is almost finished and the armour still needs complete but its coming along rather well i think.

The Centruian has also been started so i'll post a picture of him once he is closer to complete.


[Image: 006-8_zps0812c7c8.jpg]
Lovely! It's great to see some of your work. Please keep the pics coming. This WiP looks really promissing!

(05-06-2013 08:53 PM)Fenris Wrote: [ -> ]Lovely! It's great to see some of your work.
Nother update

[Image: 001-19_zpsa668cce4.jpg]

[Image: 002-18_zpse47ec983.jpg]

the pictures are not great and will have them in a light box once they have been complete.

Not much left to do

Already looking awesome!
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