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Full Version: Scenario VII, Bridges of Death
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my question is about the scenario VII, "bridges of death"
maybe I missed this, but what happens to a model which is pushed down from the bridge?
Like after a hit from the stormbow beasthunter.
Imho it would count as leaving the battlefield (page 61) as long as it is pushed into the lava.

Or Coyote like down a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery deep canyon *G*

You can agree that with the opponent before the start of the game as it is an impassable terrain feature.

We always played it that the model is destroyed if it enters the lava, with no recourse to armor, protection rolls, damage reduction or Resilient ability etc. Just thoroughly DEAD.

But you can agree something else if you like, for example taking direct damage or affected by Fire as a physical continuous effect etc.
You can also think of the bridges as an opening in a huge cave, therefore nothing happens to the model, the terrain is simply impassable. Just do what you think fits best.

As already said before you should agree with your opponent before the game Wink
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