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Full Version: Crisis 2017 (Belgium) (04/11/2017)
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Great Event. organized bye TSA (Tin Soldiers Antwerpen)

One of the bigger Wargaming events in Europe

The stand of Megalith Games was great! It was really nice to meet David in real life.
We are Looking forward to next year.(Saturday November 3th 2018.)
The Green Knight members will be glad to help out playing demos again next year.
Thanks again to the Green Knight Club.

We had 3 demo tables which were almost non-stop full, and the guys from the club ran demo games the entire day, not to mention chatting with interested people and promoting Godslayer.

We will definitely be at Crisis again next year with an even bigger stand and probably the Mortans display table, which will be even bigger by then....
Hey man, really enjoyed meeting you, great stand and hope we meet again some time for a game or two!!
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