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Full Version: Fenris´Halodynes
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Hi together,

I managed to finish my starterbox. I hope you like them. Feedback is well appreciated.


[Image: img4260rv.jpg]

[Image: img4261fe.jpg]

[Image: img4327rh.jpg]

[Image: img4340n.jpg]

[Image: img4335y.jpg]

[Image: img4337d.jpg]

And here come the Hoplites.

[Image: img4342j.jpg]

[Image: img4281nj.jpg]

[Image: img4288s.jpg]

[Image: img4349ai.jpg]

Trooper 3:
[Image: img4290y.jpg]

[Image: img4293mi.jpg]

Trooper 4:
[Image: img4299k.jpg]

[Image: img4300q.jpg]

And the last ones. Wink

Trooper 5:
[Image: img4306ip.jpg]

[Image: img4309h.jpg]

Trooper 6:
[Image: img4315th.jpg]

[Image: img4316w.jpg]
Woa, love this bunch of fighting men! Smile
Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome warband!
Wow, they look really good and very inspirational!
I hope mine look like this when there done! Top work mate!
Excellent. Very good paint job!
I really like them, especially the dark color of the leather/cuirboilli armor; reminds me of the Myrmidons in Troy.
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the nice feedback. I hope I'll get my hands on the Cerberos soon. New pics will follow. Wink
Sadly I'll have to paint up some Nordgaard too. Damn you Kickstarter. Wink

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