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Full Version: Dreaded (Einherjer)
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This ability causes models to do horror checks even if they normally dont.

So, does this overwrite the "hardened will" rule of warlords and makes them running away like little girls when facing some angry dwarfs? Or do they still some benefit, like counting horror for fear or something?
Dreaded causes Horror checks upon Fear and Horror causing models. And they have to take Horror tests even if they wouldn't normally be required to do so.

Special rules overrule other special rules where they state so.

So, a Warlord who causes Fear or Horror would have to take a Horror test.
A Warlord who doesn't cause Fear or Horror would have to take no Horror test as Dreaded would show no effect at all.
astijan already correctly answered this one Smile
And what about Einherjer vs. Legio Mortum which has Fear and Undead abilities?
Dreaded will be clarified in a coming Errata.

All I can say until then is that in my opinion Dreaded would not work against models with Undead, Hardened Will or other rules which negate Fear and Horror tests.
That would definitely make the Legio Mortum much better against Nordgaard armies.
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