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Full Version: Fjellgangr Boot attack
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So just for clarification because we had a little discussion last week about this.

1. The D6 move is only after the counter-attack of the enemy with the same strike rank? We had this question because the rules say 'immediately'...

2. You can kick the model in a straight line in any direction. This meaning 360°. Now the discussion was how you can draw this line. I thought it must be in a straight line measuring from the center of the Fjellgangr(1). Not a line that starts from the base in any direction(2) (away from the Fjellgangr). I'll add a picture here for clarification.

Picture 1:
[Image: gs_ex1.png]

Picture 2:
[Image: gs_ex2.png]
Hi udunsflame,

the rulebook states that all effects and damage of attacks are applied after attacks and counterattacks are made. I think that the passage "immediately" only applies to different strike ranks.

Question 2 is a bit tricky. I can find points for either of your examples. But personally I think, that the "chosen by the controlling player of the Fjellgangr" part is dominant over "away from the Fjellgangr". So picture 2 should be correct. But this is just my "feeling" for how it could work. Wink

Agreed, Fenris.
Correct. Think of Chuck, the roundhouse-kicking Fjellgangr Wink
Ok, Thank you very much! Then this is exactly the same for the Cyclops Baleful Eye Attack?
Baleful Eye is a normal Missile Attack and follows all the standard rules. I think you mean "Death Ray". If so, then yes.

good to see the result just the way I Like it Smile
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