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Full Version: They will never take our freedom! (Wyldfolk Painting/Conversion)
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I liked the Godslayer so much, that I decided to start another faction Smile My choice was the fast, hit-and-run Wyldfolk, as opposed to my primary faction (slow and armed Mortan).

But in this army I decided that I'd make each and every miniature unique, converting some clones. First one was an Ovate Druid. I got two of them, so one had to be converted.

And so, this was the patient when he got to me:

[Image: IMG_20160921_185854_HDR_zpsvkot9mec.jpg?t=1474743978]

First of all, I chopped his hands and head off:

[Image: IMG_20160921_191305_HDR_zpsqjiymvvr.jpg?t=1474743978]

And then I started to put him together anew. Head looking upfront, arms pointing forward, some beard. And so:

[Image: IMG_20160925_203459_HDR_zpsosz7f8mp.jpg?t=1474743979]

[Image: IMG_20160925_203521_HDR_zpsdxbirxwy.jpg?t=1474743979]

Still need some delicate work on the shoulders, but I'm quite pleased with the result. Now he's looking like his casting some spell, gaining his mystical strength from the earth (and of course he looks much better when held in hand).

As for the rest of the Wyldfolk forces:

[Image: IMG_20160925_203554_HDR_zpsy84rgtjl.jpg?t=1474743984]

Cromlech guard I will also convert - there is one clone, and I'll need to figure out how I want to redo him. After that, I'll wait for new starter sets (both wave-2 and resculpted wave-1), maybe scratch build another Megalith and I'll call it done.

When will it be painted? Gods only knows Tongue
I'm looking forward to see your progress. The druid looks cool....
Yeah, here to cheer for those Annyr as well.
Nice conversion work.Looking forward to seeing how you convert the axe weilding guy.
Work on them, I'm intrigued how they will turn out Smile
And it will be also very interesting to face such army in battle!

simple and short: nice converting!
It's alive!

Yea, I finally got some time and motivation to sit down with my Wyldfolk. Here are some crappy pictures as a proof:

[Image: IMG_20170518_172216_zpsb481ybv5.jpg?t=1495036342]

[Image: IMG_20170518_172233_zpsd9wz4ige.jpg?t=1495036333]

[Image: IMG_20170518_172403_zps5jfocbmt.jpg?t=1495036351]

[Image: IMG_20170518_172408_zpssv9zmckp.jpg?t=1495036360]

Unfortunately, the pictures don't show the details on faces, and they look like unpainted. I'm sad.
And my plan to convert all clones failed with cloned Cromlechs Tongue

But, overall, I'm pleased with those. Nice minis with cool design.
Nice work!
Especially the detail work.
nice mini's
Great work, though the quality of the pics doesn't do the quality of the paintjob justice. Wink
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