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Full Version: Italian community Rising! Pictures from 17/07 event:)
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Hi there, this is Robert from Voidgames italia Smile I wanted to share here all the photos of the event we made together with Rosco the 17th of this month! It was quite a blast, really funny and cool people too Big Grin

enjoy! We decided to make one event like this every month ^_^ it seems that food and playing get along very well!
Great, this looks like a lot of fun! Good job!
Did you play it like a tournament or just for fun?
It was just for fun, but with a tournament atmosphere, so the playstyle was " serious" too ^^

I can't wait the next event! We have even more players, so the lunch table will be huge ahah
Looks awesome guys. we would love to see more from the next one.
(08-10-2016 09:08 PM)David Wrote: [ -> ]Looks awesome guys. we would love to see more from the next one.

Hey there David! The next scheduled event is going to be the 28 of August. We are literally super hyped, I even started the Wyldfolk hahahah

I want my Lord of decay Smile
Hello Robert and everyone! I have nearly registered to the forum and I was exploring it but something caught my eye here.
I participated the event and I can say that it was great fun! (but also great food) I also made some of my first matches and tried my magistratum list.
Keep on! Smile
Hey there norb! Welcome ^^

take a look on the news section!
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