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Full Version: SITE IS UP!!!!
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Thank you for the work!
Yes, and no pop-ups anymore! :-)
Is the site now on a different server?
Thx for the work.
Yeah! Thx.
Too bad it's an old copy with lacks the newest releases (Moloch etc.).
And some of my photos.
And my battle reports.

But still, good it's finally up.
Yeah, good the site is on Smile
Is it possible to get back to the newest version of forum, with the latest posts?

Luckilly I have a copy of our last battle report and if the site won't be updated I'll post it again Wink

Great the board is back. I think they had to go back to a point without infestation. Unfortunately the spammers made to the other side, too...Sad

I hope the shop gets up to date soon. I really want the Nemesis pack!...Smile
Rejoice brothers, newest releases (Moloch etc.) are back in the store!

So now there should be Nemesis pack, right? Wink
Let's hope!!!!! Can't wait! Damn...
Receiving the Nemesis package soon would be great!
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