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Moloch - Next release will be the Moloch, probably in 7-10 days.

Xisteri Bombers after that in 10-14 days from now.

Toughborns painting is almost finished, so they will be the next onesreleased in about 4 weeks.

Amazons got some last minute re-sculpting because the sculpts were messed up by previous molding and shipping. At the same time as fixing them up, Chris (our in-house sculptor) sculpted an additional trooper and the mounts were all modified so we have 5 different mounts too. So the box will contain 5 different riders and 5 different mounts.
They are now at our new caster for molding right now. So they will be some of the first minis cast with new metal and new technology.
Some small painting will need to be done to match the final trooper for the box art, then the packaging will be printed. Definitely before Christmas.

Skulleaters - Giovanni (our official painter) rejected some of the Skulleaters quality and so they are getting some replacement troopers and some fixes. That is almost finished now. They will be the final release. Probably in early Jan.

Following that will come in 2015 first quarter:
Wyldfolk new starterbox
New Ursapine
New Scorpio
Resin Cerberos
New additional trooper blisters for Hoplites, Bladeslingers, Ironhide Brutes and Fjell Warriors
Full-unit boxes for the above.
New Maldire Mongrels

There will also be a couple of Nemesis releases during that time.
Great, looking forward to the Toughborns and the Amzon Riders. Auto-buy!...Smile
Looking forward to the upcomming releases.
Especially the Moloch and the Amazons.
I'm afraid to ask... but any news about the Moloch?
Well, the Moloch and Xisteri are repeatedly "coming in two weeks" since April, not sure what you were expecting this time around...
I love Godslayer and I really reeeeaally want to support this game.

But I need it to be alive. Just a new release every now and then. A single model/unit a month could do it. Anything really.

Is this game still alive?
There’s a LOT going on behind the scenes.

Moloch - The Moloch bases got lost during the transfer of stock to the new warehouse so as soon as we find them the Moloch will be released. The model is being cast largely in resin with some metal parts and a metal base. The resin casts are beautiful. So hopefully within a few days the Moloch will be released.

Xisteri Bombers – Cards and boxes are at the printer. In about 7-10 days we expect to receive the packaging and cards and then they will be released.

Amazons – Last mini is on the painting table. When the original sculpts arrived back from our old casting company, they were damaged, so they got fixed up, and the mounts were also modified to create 5 individual zempalas. We also added a 5th new sculpt to the unit so the unit now has 5 unique models. Giovannis promises to get this finished and photographed before New Year, so then the boxes will go to press. Minis and cards are already produced.

Toughborns – On Giovannis painting table. Again these should be finished within a week then straight to printer for printing the boxes. Minis are already cast. Cards are being rpinetd right now.

Skulleaters – that just leaves the Skulleaters for the final Wave-1 minis. These went back to the sculptor for some corrections, but the sculptor’s skills have increased dramatically over the last few months and he decided to resculpt 3 of them. The new ones are much better. And we also added a 5th unique mini so the unit has 5 unique models. Sculpting is 99.9% done. So they will now go to the caster this week.

Revised Scorpio – this kit has now been models by our new caster and new boxes are being prepared.

Wydlfolk revised Starterbox – Molds are being made now. Every model in here (except the Bard) is new and looks fantastic. The Bard also gets a longer sword.

Halodynes revised Starterbox – Molds are being made now. There are 2 new Hoplite troopers and all Hoplites got thicker spears.

Nordgaard revised Starterbox – Molds are being made now. This box has 2 additional new Fjell Warrior troopers.

The new additional trooper models will be released as a trooper box so people can by those specific minis to add to their existing units.

Banebrood revised Starterbox – Sculpting is almost complete. They get completely new Maldire Mongrels, which are looking great. And the Gorelord gets new thicker chains.

Godslayer Battlebox – this box will be released as a Kicksterter together with starter deals for each faction for wave-2. The battlebox minis will be:
Banebrood: Gorelord, 8 Mongrels, Pestbringer, Fallow Shaman, new resin Ursapine
Halodynes: Godquester, 10 Hoplites, Syntarch, Priestess, new resin Cerberos

Packaging and printing has been successfully sourced.

Final corrections to the rules are being made. This incorporates all existing errata and a few minor design changes but is essentially the same rules, not a revision of the rules. So no need to buy the new rules if you already have the current ones. Think of it as version 1.1 rather than version 2. The rulebook for the Battlebox will be just the 110 core rules. We are aiming to retail this for 95 EUR.

In order to avoid the long delays between releases for Wave-2, we need to add liquidity to the company in order to get lots of sculpting being done simultaneously. That’s what this Kickstarter is about.

Wave-2 Profiles - Playtesting continues. We could definitely use a couple more play-tester groups. So if anyone wants to help make Godslayer more successful and faster, please email me and join the playtest group. Right now most factions are in pretty good shape, but we want every release to be flawlessly balanced like wave-1 so even though the changes in the current line-up will not be major, every small correction and adjustment is important.

Wave-2 Models – Designs are about 30% finished. Now I will focus on getting all designs for the starter-deals finished now, so that sculpting can be done in Jan, Feb and March.

We are aiming to launch the Kickstarter for the battlebox and wave-2 starter-deals in April. The starter deals are essentially starterboxes for each wave – 1 warlord, 1 unit and 1 character. However, they will only be sold as a package over Kickstarter. They will be released as individual releases for normal retail.

Other News – we are in the middle of a massive re-stock and inventory so that all items will be available for orders during the planned forthcoming advertising campaign for Godslayer. This will also add liquidity to the company because the missing aspect for our success is small direct-consumer sales (most of our sales are through distributors, on which the profit margin is very small).

Finally, we also have a new designer for the cards and boxes. Previously Andre was doing that. We lost some time using some less qualified designers the last weeks, but our new designer is a real professional.

Nemesis – Kydoime vs. the Chimera are being painted now for release soon. Meanwhile we are working on the undead Mortan warlord vs Halodyne creature as the next release.
I like it to hear that new units have more different models now (smaller units have nou doubles anymore).

Looking forward to your second Kickstarter. Smile
Ok. Thanks for the reply. I do not mind some bumps in the road.

I am once again a believer!
"we are in the middle of a massive re-stock and inventory" --> I am looking forward to your re-stock because i need some sons of war and hoplites core units and all upcoming Amazons modells
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