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Full Version: What is your favorite faction (miniatures)?
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This questions refers to the style and sculpting of the minis - which is your favorite looking faction?

I like the setting with "Highlanders, Bards and Druids".
Halodynes. Loved them at first sight and became interested in Godslayer because of them.

Mortans are cool to.

Followed by Wyldfolk, Nordgaard and Trogs.

Banebrood are the only Ones, to which I can't really relate.
Oh, thats hard. I like all of them. My favourite faction right now is Nordgaard. The sculps are great and they are great fun to paint. I also like the Halodynes with the 300is look of the Hoplites and the Demarchon is one of the best sculpts in the game.
I also like the Troglodytes and the Banebrood, but I have no warbands ready (yet).
I paint the wyldfolk for my wife and this faction is also nice with great sculpts. BUT they are really hard to paint (at least for me).
That's a hard one... I've voted Halodynes because most of the best sculpts are with them... I think... but I don't like the cerberos' sculpt very much..

The sculpts I like the most:
- Oracle, Godquester, Sons of War, Demarchon
- Fomorian Gut-Hackers, Balescorch Cyclops, (new ursapine sculpt)
- Scarjarl, (new Fimbul Toughborns sculpts!! MAYBE THESE ARE THE BEST)
- Banshee, Fiannor Farfarer
- Feral Grayhorns
- Mortifex
Halodynes, definetly! Highly detailed and great poses...and the Amazons are not released yet! Smile (we ignore the Cerberus Big Grin)
Next to come is Nordgaard. Even if I own Troglodytes I dont like the sculpts that much, especially of the Brutes and Chainslayer. Shadowtrolls and Gnolls instead look great.
New Wyldvolk Minis look great for me everything is fine and I think models are on a good way and some weaker sculpts are exchanged. You learned from "mistakes" and improve where neccessary.
Voted halodynes,
really love the hoplites, demarchon, oracle, godquester, sons of war, Statue
only the Cerberus is kinda meh

the new sculpts look really good as well,
As much as I love the Mortans the Banebrood after demoing with them for people are so much fun and brutal
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