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Full Version: Moloch made of resin
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David wrote in different topic about Moloch made of resin
"Yeah that works but he still falls over too easily, then the tail breaks off and the horns break off and its just annoying.

Resin is not a direction we are going in, but for a few models it may be the best solution. So far we only plan for these two minis to be in resin.

In fact we are checking new processes and alloys to make the metal and casting even better for the rest of the minis."

IMO Resin Moloch will lose 50% of his coolness Sad
One of the reason why I have chosen Godslayer was fact that models are cast in metal.
I totally understand that some parts of miniature are made from resin, like weapon, cloaks and stuff like that.
Resin weapons for Halodynes Hoplites is for me great idea, for Kinswords, and Bladeslingers it would be also good replacement.
But I like to feel that model has its weight and it's not a plastic toy-soldier.
Maybe it's my fetish, but I like it Smile
So maybe you could leave metal torso and made only head and tail from resin, what do you think?

Regarding to Scibor's Cerberos, I'm familiar with two of them, used by Arbassos and none of them has problem with standing. Of course if you glue it on the edge of the base I'm pretty sure it want stay in proper way, but it's a problem which every modelar beginner can easily solve.
I have no problem with Resin.
Now lets get our hands on that model Smile
100% with Grimnir
Hi i speak just for me and not für the bosses ^^

A couple of things are stick together with this beast.

1st it's a little taler than we expect, but the sculper make a really great job we do not want to downsize this beauty.

2nd with the larger size the weight i much higher. I do not have a number for you but it feels like he is at least 2 time heavier than the Ursapine.

3rd we would need much stable boxes to sell this beast no box of our range will hold him.

4th we have mercy with our postmen/woman.

I'm a really metal fan too, but sometimes it is necessary to make a deal with the devil öhhh resingod.
Thanks for the statement, Martin.
Recently, I ordered an Ursapine and that thing is quite heavy. Twice that is really much.

Personally, I don`t really have an issue with a Resin Moloch, as long as the quality is not lacking too much.
Resin nowadays does not have to be as bad as in ye aulde bubble holes tymes. Smile
Good to know Smile I just mentioned it because I heard so much horror stories about resin figures.
We don't say that resin is a bad material, but metal a is metal...
You could make it empty inside and every problem disappears...
(03-14-2015 02:41 AM)Mnil Wrote: [ -> ]We don't say that resin is a bad meterial, but metal is metal...
You could make it empty inside and every problem disappears...

that's a whole other type of casting (rotation casting). the price of that kind of casting is also a whole other thing !
That sounds hilarious to me.
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