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Full Version: Last tournament in Poznan
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Nice bunch of photos Smile

[Image: IMG_20150125_105734.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_105729.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_105754.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_105759.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_105912.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_111244.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_105904.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_111300.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_111347.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_111352.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_112159.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_140536.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_142534.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_111253.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20150125_142539.jpg]
Very nice, thanks for sharing!
Yes, thank's for sharing.

How were the results?
Do you have a ranking?
Looks quite impressive! Smile
Looks like a Day of Fun.
I've defended my title from Warsaw with Banebrood Smile
Second was my deadly foe Grimnir the Dwarf Tongue
Third place for Arbassos, The King of Trolls Wink

Not ranking yet, we are to small community (we used to be big though Sad ). Now we are working on system resurrection.
Congrats! Looks like a lot of warbands are painted! Nice!!!
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